anyone with the denim speedy pouchPM?

  1. I´m thinking aboutgetting one but I think is soo pricey at least it can be used as a little clutch, like the wapity.

    can anyone tell me what do u use it for and what it can hold?
  2. Its going to have about the same use as a cles, maybe a little more room(could fit a small cell.)
  3. here's a pic
    Measures 4.7 x 3.1 x 2.6

  4. that is adorable! how much is it? (boo to eluxury for being down.)
  5. I took this pic for another board...hope this helps!

    Note that I jut grabbed whatever and stuffed them in. It fits a lot more than I expected!
    It retails for $330.
  6. Wow, that's pretty impressive! I haven't seen one IRL yet, so I wasn't really sure what it would hold.
  7. here are some pics......:smile: :heart:

    and few extra bonus pics of other denim pouches!
    img10612498038.jpg img10612498042.jpg img10612498058.jpg
  8. wow..pretty roomy for tiny thing..
  9. can anyone tell me how much that denim flat pouch is? thanks!
  10. I think the flat denim pouch is $440 or $460. OUCH!!! It's super cute though...I want one too!
  11. these may be gorge but imo not nearly worth the $$$, its fabric to me and fro the same reason i dont buy gucci i wont buy this regardless of how cute the creations are, they are not durable!
  12. i think the flat pouch is the cutest out of these three new styles!! i wonder how it looks when its full....(i should've try that when i was at lv store last time:Push:smile:
  13. wow i'm imprressed!:love:

  14. wow, that pics weere useful. So now I know how much it is, its the same as a multicolor wapity. $4100 mexican pesos. I´ll start saving, I definitive buy one!!! maybe I gotta give the 2 cles I want if I wanna get this one.
  15. Aww.. too cute ! And it does hold a lot !