Anyone with the croisette PM?

  1. Today I went to look at the Passy, but fell in love with the Croisette PM (epi, black). I had never seen it before...

    I put it on hold so that I could think about it and consult y'all...

    For those not familiar with the croisette, the dimensions are very similar to the popincourt.

    Does anyone have this bag? Thoughts?

  2. i think it may be bigger than the popincourt haut...
  3. It is bigger, but barely--the croissette is 12X10 and the popincourt haut is approx. 11X9.

    The croisette seems like such a great size that I'm surprised I haven't heard more about it. The handles are even a nice length--long enough for the shoulder, but short enough that it looks cute carried in the hand....
  4. I think this is one bag that's been discontinued in the LV Epi line... I went a few weeks ago to look at the Figari (another discontinued item), but they didn't have it--they showed me the Croisette instead and also told me that it was discontinued too. I think that's why it's featured in a discontinued color on too. But there are a few still floating out there. Just don't wait too long to get the bag since they're not making more.
  5. Good to know!

    I have it on hold--I think that I want the croisette in black and the passy mm in red. If the croisette is discontinued, I will snag that one first!
  6. Hi. I used to own the Croisette PM in black and I loved it! The bag is very organized w/ 2 outside pockets to accomodate paperwork or small files. It's a very classy bag and perfect for work. HTH.
  7. Thank you, winterpearls! That confirms what I was thinking when I tried it. But, for that much money, it's nice to hear from someone who had this bag....
  8. You're very welcome! I regret selling it now but at least it went to a nice home :biggrin:.
  9. LOVE This Bag!!!
  10. I love the shape and the colour of the bag, and it's definitely on my wishlist !
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