Anyone with the Coussin GM???

  1. Anyone out there with the Coussin GM? Do you love it??? A SA told me it looks like a pillow..I have only seen pics but, like it. Wonder what it is like in real life. I know that it is only 2'from the front to the back so, you cannot really prop it up...any thoughts on this one???
  2. I think the cousin is like a more interesting version of the sac plat.
  3. do you think it is too structured??
    i'm a big fan of the delightful / monty and typically dress casually in jeans and flip flops.
    i'm wondering if it will work with my wardrobe..

  4. I love mine! I usually wear jeans also, very casual. The bag is perfect. It's lightweight, and I can't overstuff. I use it when I go shopping and need only a few essentials with me or for dinner and a movie. :biggrin: