Anyone With The Cambon Reporter Bag!!

  1. can you please post up pics, I'm bout to purchase one off a aquintance and i just wanted to compare!!!!!

    please and thank you!!
  2. I only have a pic of it with the others cause my mom's using this one now lol. I can describe it though if you need help with that. Here's the pic though:
  3. thank you!!!
  4. does anyone have the mini reporter? I want to see pics before I visit chanel.
  5. WOw! Beautiful collection!
  6. Aw thanks! I have others but those are just from the Ligne line. I really want something in the white (maybe the pochette) but I'm afraid of the white getting too dirty:sad:
  7. Oh please.

    If anyone has pics of themsleves with the black/white reporter I woulld love to see
  8. such a pretty cambon collection! is your reporter the medium size?? if it is, can i ask how long it is including the pockets? did you find it hard to carry on your shoulder (is it too bulky)? thanks in advance!!