Anyone with Suede bags??

  1. Does anyone own Chanel suede bags?(I'm pretty sure someone do:graucho: )
    I just bought a Mademoiselle Tote in Brown suede(which is GORGEOUS), but so worried to carry too much. It's brown, so I don't think it'll get that dirty quick, but I'm afraid corners are going to be scratched(suede being thinned out??) real easy. I'm not sure if I should treat this bag for protection, but don't even know if that will prevent corner problems at all.........

    If anyone have suede bags, what is your suggestion?? :shrugs:
  2. Suede bags are gorgeous, congrats on your new baby :yahoo: . Before using it, I would treat it with something appropriate for suede. As for the corners, I would image if the bag is thrown around it will get messed up, but that happens with leather as well. Please post pics.
  3. I'll try to take my bag for some treatment, then. Thank you for your advise! I'll try to post pics later. It's funny I went in to purchase MM camera bag, and instead I fell in love with tote.....
  4. Speaking of suede bags, did anyone see the square vintage tote in suede? There a pic somewhere on her of it in an ad and I'm just wondering if anyone saw it in real life?
  5. O.K., I took some pics. Bag looks really gorgeous in person.

  6. OMG, it's from the MM line. It's gorgeous :nuts: , I bet it's amazing IRL.
  7. I have this one from 2001 which I love and it has managed to hold up. I have been really rough on here, but she is in great shape... Also I never treated it or anything.. It went great with the chanel dr scholls and the black clogs...