Anyone with suede bags? Hard to maintain?

  1. Hi all, I am very tempted by the Suede Ricky by Ralph Lauren being as the Croc leather is not an option because of the ££ at the moment. I have never owned a suede bag though. Are they really hard to care for and keep beautiful? Bear in mind I live in rainy old London!
  2. I think suede might be a one-season only option, but I like it. My friend has a suede bag and it looks pretty used up, but she carried it for months straight.
  3. Thanks I kind of knew that would be the answer and I think on that basis, the suede Ricky is looking kind of expensive. I am off to lust after an Anya Hindmarch Ebury now instead . . .in leather!
  4. I'm looking at a red suede bag and wondering if it will rub off on my clothes- any comments on that?
  5. Hi. Your question regarding colors rubbing off of suede bags. I have found if the purse is extremely inexpensive, there is a possibility of the color rubbing off onto some types of clothing materials. Otherwise, I have never had trouble with my suede bags. Jill
  6. I love suede. I have several suede bags. Coach, Rafe, And a Kooba. I love them so much but it is impossible to keep suede looking good. I'm not hard on bags and still have problems. With a lighter color you get dirt transfer around the zipper. With dark color you have to worry about color transfer on your clothes.
  7. I don't have as much suede bags as I do other kinds. I don't take them out when it snows or rains.
  8. I got some rain drops on my suede Kooba and I was wondering if you had any suggestions for cleaning it? There are these white/gray spots left behind...:push:
  9. is it really hard to care for? Would you buy one again given the chance or would you stay away from it?
  10. I would suggest spraying it with some kind of weather protector/water proofer and then using it. I don't think they are that hard to care for but you have to be a little more careful depending on the color.
  11. i think u have to love suede for what it is. if you go with a light color, u have to understand up front that its not gonna last forever. i have a beautiful baby blue suede coach bag that i scotch-guarded, used and loved and its too dirty for me to use, but i cant bear to part with her just yet.... :s but i would totally buy one again!
  12. Suede bags are gorgeous but I would lonly go with a black or a dark brown as those won't get as dirty as quickly. AND you should def. use some sort of weather proofing spray on it!
  13. I have a yellow suede bag. I wore a navy shirt once and the color rubbed off on the bag, now I can't get it off :crybaby:
    Never buying light colored suede bags anymore!!!
  14. i have a 1000$ bottega veneta suede nappa leather bag in bright orange, only use it for less than a year, now it's all dirty and water mark anywhere i can't even stand to see it,
    it's stored in my dustbag now.
    i don't know how to clean it up
    and i have my lesson learned, i'm not a person who can wear or take care of a suede bags ad i would never buy a suede bags leather ever although how tempting it is.

    it's just not for me.
  15. maybe you should take your BV to a shoe/boot cleaners place seahorseinstripes, maybe they can make your baby all new again! :}

    personally, I have stayed away from suede about one random one I had, I prefer to be able to clean my purses without too much difficulty, of course I don't have any protectant sprays either