anyone with Soupçon GM, I need a favor....

  1. I am considering ordering these from eluxury, but I have a horrible time finding sunglasses that fit my face. Would anyone be willing to take measurements for me? I would like to know how long the arms are, how wide the glasses are and how big they are from the top to the bottom of the lense part so I can see how they compare to the glasses I have now, which are a perfect fit. I hate being 3 hours away from a boutique.
  2. I feel ya there on distance! My closest LV never even has shades when I go in to shop- it's a tiny Saks installation.

    Good luck finding some. I'm pheening for the Desmayos! I'm sure you'll find the perfect fit. You can always order and return with the prepaid label if they dont work. I have to order blindly a lot since I also cant try bags and items on to check before purchasing. Happy hunting! :yes:
  3. This is the world that I live in, lol. I check all of the reference and club threads to see how items look on people and with bags, I can pretty much tell if I am going to like it or not. The sunglasses are another story though, they seem to look good on everyone else, but anytime I tried something I saw on someone else that I liked, they looked horrible. I am hoping if someone will take the measurements for me that I can kind of get an idea of how big they will be before I decide to order them.
  4. I really like the pomme ones:heart:
  5. Bumping, I really like these sunglasses too and have seriously thought about getting them. Does anyone have them and would be willing to take a photo of them wearing them?