Anyone with Soccer connections...

  1. :flowers: Ok.. heres the deal... on oct. 31 barecelona is playing chelsea in the champions league. my boyfriend would honeslty DIE to go... he is an avid chelsea fan, with all the woman on the baord i wanted to know if anyone out there could help obtain tickets for a good price or anything like that..

    i know bankers usually get good deals on stuff like this.. if anyone can hlep please let me know here or a PM.. THANKs GUYS
  2. Is it in Barcelona or London?
  3. ahhh at Barcelona....probably cant help you then

    what is he doing supporting Chelsea anyway lol :rolleyes:
  4. LOL. My sentiments exactly, missbradshaw :smile:
  5. hahaha i have no idea but its his FAVE team... so i would LOVE to be able to get him good tickets to this.. teehehe thanks though
  6. ^^ Sounds like a winner babyboo!! UNfortunately I live in the US, so I watch all Chelsea matches on TV and follow ups online. And for the other girls, I'll turn a deaf ear at those comments.:rolleyes: :lol:
  7. According to my contacts, at this late stage most of the ticket allotments have been used up or given away already; sorry. :sad: I'm not sure how much you're willing to spend, but the Spain Ticket Bureau, Online Ticket Shop, Global Ticket Service, and EuroTeam do have tickets available. Barring that tou could send him there on game day with plenty of cash on hand and haggle with the scalpers.
  8. haha. i was hopin more for someone with connections.. teeheee to help me out. ya i saw the ticket prices...

    lets see what happens. thanks though