Anyone with Sky Blue and Ice Blue!

  1. Please verify! Sky Blue vs. Ice Blue/Baby Blue

    After a week, I'm going out of my head~ splitting hairs here, trying to figure out what color is the bag I bought. Can you please kindly take pic of them along side another? Thank you so much in advanced!!!
  2. I don't have pictures but I've seen both IRL.. I hope I can help!

    The sky blue is a light blue but very solid color- looks like the sky, actually! (lol sorry!) Some people call it a baby blue. Either way, it is BLUE.

    The ice blue is MUCH more white. The ice blue I was going to buy was so white that the edges looked incredibly blue against it, like it had been outlined.

    There are several members with both colors. I hope they can post pics soon!
  3. thank you aaa:love: , so heres another for you and hatikuh of me and the infamous ice blue weekender.... hope you guys like it.:heart:
    icebueweekender and view 2.jpg
  4. ohh chauss i love your bbags and im sooo jealous you look so good wearing them love love it :love:
  5. wow, that's such a gorgeous bag chaussure-girl & so's the view :yes:
  6. OMG!!!!:love:
  7. OHHHHHH you ROCK your weekenders like no other! You look fabulous as always, chaus! :love:
  8. you can also look at my avator (whatever that's called), i have my skyblue hobo in there, next to cornflower.
  9. thanks guys :biggrin: , but is there any way you can lay it side by side? i told the shop Ice Blue and the tag reads: 2005 3, according to AtelierNaff this should be the right one. however i'm still not convinced! cuz it turns quite blue in the sun and in the picture (with flash). i've never seen either IRL before purchase, so i do hope they're not playing me. i don't think i can rest til it's verified, thanks again!!! i've attached a pic of the bag.

    kattiepie, is mine not pale enough?

    chaussurewhore, is my bag Ice Blue? yours is so lovely ^_^:heart:
  10. [​IMG][​IMG]ok, ariana, yours is an ice blue. the sky blues are much more pigmented when they are new. i attached my sky blue and ice blue next to each other for you. both do fade, but if yours is new in your own pix, that is an ice blue and the leather looks yummy!:heart: hope this helps!
    aa, kaka, didi and hatikuh, thank you all!:love: i do love bal bags!:heart:
  11. whether it's sky or ice blue, you guys have gorgeous bags!!!! i want, i want!!!!! aaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
  12. Thank you so much, your bags are gorgeous, chaussure! :love: Case finally closed and I will not toss and turn at night anymore... *Yay*!!! I really appreciate it, you guys are really terrific :yes: :heart: !
  13. OH, I took the pic on the first day I got the bag... which was a week+ ago, I am glad the shop got my order right, they really deserve snaps for finding hard-to-get bags. ^_^