anyone with saltwater aquarium?

  1. we have just started with a 72 gallon... new to this whole thing but absolutely love it! we were able to put in our first two fish on sunday... went with a Mappa Puffer and a Lionfish. Not sure what we will be able to put in next...

    just wondering if anyone else has a saltwater and what is in yours?
  2. We have a small one, it is 24gallons. We have had an octopus, and a cuttlefish...they just don't live that long. Now we have a lot of soft coral and some kind of small blue fish. We have a mushroom, pulsating xenias, sea squirts, candycanes (I think that is what they are), and a bunch of live rock and whatever is growing on it.
  3. No, but I always wanted one! A lionfish sounds so cool...I always wanted seahorses.
  4. My DH used to have a 200 gallon salt water tank, but when we moved, he never put it back up.

    I completely understand your joy!!! I would come home and sit in front of that aquarium and watch it just like it was a TV. It was such a beautiful, fascinating addition to our home.

    I've asked him a couple of times over the years if he'd set one up again, but, as I'm sure you know, they take lots of time for maintenance and he doesn't feel up to it anymore.

    If you get the chance, I'd love to see a picture!
  5. here is a picture...

    an octopus... oh i would love one! there is a tank sort of like the one you described you have at the store we go to and those are beautiful!! i want to get one of those next!!

    and the seahorses... aren't they the cutest? that's actually what i wanted and then i realized we couldn't mix them with what we have.
  6. aocti4.jpg aocti1.jpg
  7. Oh my god you have an octopus!!!!! I want one tooooo!!! He is really cute. :heart::heart:
  8. Anyone got some pics of their lionfish?
  9. omg! an octopus!! I would be afraid to stick my hand in there eeee!! I used to have a tank, actually it was Dh's father's tank, and we moved in to his old house for awhile and he left it, and when we moved out he took it back...anyways we had a porcupine puffer (named Puffy) he was seriously the cutest!! his little smile and big eyes...I adored him! we had clown fish, anemones...which kinda screwed the tank up, we had yellow tang...I forget what else. I found it incredibly difficult keeping all the levels i the tank perfect. so I would never do it again until I knew what I was doing. I would LOVE seahorses, I think you need to keep them on their own? I also hear they were very hard to keep alive. A tank with seahorses and seadragons would be magical! :smile: lol I'm just yapping away... your tank is lovely!
  10. :smile:My Husband owns a marine aquarium shop......I love going in to see the seahorses....They are so calming...............
  11. 4theluv- oh the octopus is so neat! I would love to have one of those!!!

    Shari- here's a pic of our lion
  12. And here is our puff
  13. My DH and I have been Salt water addicts for about 6 years now. We have a 110 gallon tank. It used to be a reef tank which we both loved, but it really limited the types of fish we could get as many are not reef safe. We now have moved much of our reef into a friend's tank who is keeping them very happy. We currently have 2 percula clown fish, a large hippo tang, a blue spotted puffer fish, and a french angel fish. We even name them all! It is such a great hobby, expensive but so worth it!
  14. That's a nice tank you have! When we had ours I wanted everything I saw. But, like you said, some things can't mix with others.
  15. lovely collection!!! very cool! so you are able to fit 5 comfortably in a 110 gallon? we have been wondering how many more we are going to be able to get in our tank... now I'm thinking maybe just 1 more?