Anyone with PST in Pink?

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  1. All those pretty pics of you girls with PST, it's your fault.
    Now I have to have it, too.:graucho:

    Anyway, my wonderful SA Lisa is holding a Pink PST for me....other color option is Beige or Black.....but I don't have a pink chanel, so I think that's what I want.

    Anyone have pics of Pink PST to show off??????
  2. i would love to see as well.:yes: i searched and could not find any....:shrugs: tia!
  3. oh, i know michelle1025 have one, let me pull up her pix! here it is, check out post # 16 on page 2

  4. thank you so much, but i have to wait until i get home to view it. some pics don't show for me at work, prob why i missed it ....:shame:
  5. I know I really want a pst too now seeing all the pics. I'm leaning towards black, but the pink is really pretty.
  6. OH.....that looks cute..... I like white, too, but I'm afraid it gets dirty.........
  7. [​IMG]

    Is this PST?? Looks smaller to me?
  8. [​IMG]

    Are you talking about this one?
  9. Here's a photo of my sister modeling it:

  10. Err.. sorry I posted before I saw that :sweatdrop:
  11. ^oahctrec, that's really pretty!! Thanks for the pics!!
    Do you use it a lot?
  12. omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THIS BAG!
  13. No I sold it... and I think I know who it ended up with :idea: :supacool:
  14. Hehe I know also!
    It's such a gorgeous bag :love:
  15. This shape is def. different than the pink one posted above. This looks kind of like an e/w PST, if this name exists... I love the zippered middle compartment.