Anyone with pics of a Trapezoid Jimmy Choo

  1. I would love to know a little about this type of bag. Do any of you have any pics of this bag.

  2. Is there a Jimmy Choo bag that goes by this name? Just wondering...
  3. Not sure which one you mean. Meagan maybe?
  4. Maybe it is the Meagan. I not sure...I called a Saks store and they stated that they had a Jimmy Choo Trapezoid...strange??? So I was just wondering what exactly it was or what it looked like.
  5. The only Choo bag I know of that had a trapezoidal shape is the Megan. That is the one Samantha posted in your "Random call to NM" thread.

    Hmm, now that I think of it, the Cent evening bag is also trapezoidal. That bag is shown on the Choo site.