Anyone with pics from a LARGE Quilted Bay IN ACTION?

  1. Hi ladies,

    does anyone here has some pics from a worn LARGE quilted Bay Bag :confused1: I'm wondering if it's too large.. I love the moka, but Sacoche still has the big size, not the medium one.

    Hugs! *yve*
  2. I went to but a chloe heloise this morning and tried the large bay before buying and I thought it was too big it felt more like luggage imo
    Decided on the heloise and love it
  3. thx, i also was wondering if the large bay quilted bag wasn't too big...i've already got a chocolat edith and i love the elvire, which colour??mon coeur balance...
  4. quite hard to choose a shoulder bag without trying!!all depends on your height
  5. is the large bay bag a shoulder bag (can it do both?)??sorry, i'm quite new to all this, never tried one on for real!
  6. the one I tried just about fit on my shoulder but I think it was too long and not tall enough the proportions didn't feel right for me
    There are many different bays though but I think it was the large I tried
  7. I carried a large caramel bay for a short while (one-week free from bag rental company) and, although it was amazing, it was far too big and far too heavy... I was able to accommodate two pairs of shoes from my toddler (in their boxes!) in addition to all my essentials and there was still some room left...
    The leather is very nice, the patina is amazing but it is indeed a big bag... I wouldnt get the large, it was more like a suitcase, as someone said...
  8. Thank you ladies!! That helped me a lot :tup:
  9. I am very tall and I wouldn't get the large. Hold out for sales on the medium satchel. I see them all over the place these days and more will be popping up I'm sure at even better prices.