Anyone with Picotin GM?

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  1. Dear Ladies,
    i am in trouble again:yes:
    i figured out that i need an easy-going bag with the following features:
    -able to hold in hand AND on the shoulder
    -easy to access
    -fit A4 size
    -looks good with jeans and highheels
    -not toooo expensive

    only option came into my mind was the picotin gm.
    i would like to ask you all for your opinion and if anyone owns one please write your experience!

  3. i would think, for files/papers, the bag is too structure-less.

  4. absolutely........the best bag they make that does most of what you want would be a medium garden party in black. you could do high heels with a suit and it would look sharp but it would fit a laptop. you can get it over your shoulder and its light BUT its not year round (which does depend on where you live)
  5. oh, yes!
  7. Thanks everyone for the honest answer!
    i think i have to try it at the shop...
    i actually have the GP PM in toile/black combo, but everyone has it here in south of Spain.
    i thought the picotin in potiron or rouge h would be a nice neutral....
    Any other bag option????
  8. the evelyn would hold papers. not a laptop maybe. in the right leather/color, in can be less sporty/more versatile.
    i'll confess i never liked the garden party until i saw it irl on a beautiful woman who was wearing a dress and a light trench and heels. she was using it as a work tote. beautiful.
    i love the PM picotin and sometimes like the MM picotin, on certain people, carried certain ways. but it's like arm candy, imo, more than a workhorse tote bag.
  9. Try the Victoria Tote. Or the Sac de Petite Ceinture.
  10. ^^^Yes, I was going to say the Petite Ceinture. It is SO CUTE!!!! the size is similar to the GP but the belt is really cute and different. Dang, I wish I had a pic.

    It is more square than the GP, and has a strap around the top that weaves through the sides, like a birkin. But it is decorative, you do not have to mess with the strap to open and close, it is wide, like the vertical straps on the finishes up with a pretty knot off to the side on the front of the bag.

    Well, anyway, its much cuter than I made it sound, thats for sure...:p

    The size you want is $2000 US, I believe. I really love that bag, I only saw it in toile combos, I dont know if it comes in canvas or all leather....HG???
  11. ^^I've only seen canvas and leather only so far.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions!
    i saw the petite ceinture in the shop, but i cant recall if the handles are long enough to put over the shoulder..
    And i would like a bag in all leather.
    maybe i will give a try to Evelyne...
  13. My thoughts exactly!!! :tup::tup::tup:
    MM: just read that you want an all-leather bag. What about your Masai? Not good? Or a Trim in 35?
  14. There's a TGM picotin with long shoulder straps. I tried it on some time back, fits very comfortably on the shoulder and the wide base didn't get in the way under the arm, KWIM? Can't be hand-held tho. Does anyone own one to show pics?

  15. i love those and WANT one so bad! they arent being made to the best of my knowledge. they made them mostly with amazonia and leather trima few years back -----------sort of gardening bag-ish