Anyone with photos wearing a Prada gauffre hobo?

  1. I did a search, but didn't seem to find a photo of someone actually modelling the bag. Forgive me if I have overlooked a photo that is already here, but if not.... would someone please mind posting a modelling pic of the Prada Gauffre Hobo? Not the nylon, but the leather version is the bag that I am lusting after. Had a gauffre E/W satchel, but for some reason just didn't bond with it, but loved the color and the rouching..... maybe the hobo style would be better for me, but I would love to see it on someone as I don't have a boutique near me. You know the story! :smile: Thank-you in advance! :heart:
  2. I know that Pursegrrl has this bag, but I can't find a modeling photo that she's posted. You could pm her and ask for a picture?
  3. Thank-you Prada Psycho, but I did check here, might have overlooked, but didn't seem to find a photo of one actually being worn. That visual of it being worn seems to help so much when trying to imagine a bag in real life, although maybe the lack of photo is the purse god's trying to tell me something.... :lecture: Can you say " I N T E R V E N T I O N " :p
  4. Yeah, no one's actually WEARING the bag in the "show your gauffre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" thread. lol

    I have modeling pics, but its the nylon.
  5. pursemania!
    Thank-you sooo much! Very fabulous.... Now what am I going to do! :p
  6. Get it! It is one of my all time favorite bags! Have seen it on Bluefly - so keep your eyes open!!!!
  7. Oh gosh thanks for thinking of me! :heart:

    I'm so sorry I haven't posted a modeling photo...I've been a bit MIA lately with a ton of stuff going on...hopefully you've found a few pix so you can get your gauffre too :graucho: