Anyone with Monogram Mini Josephine

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  1. I'm planning to get a Josephine PM but they don't have the color that I want. How do you guyz like your Josephine? Also I heard that the blue color is discontinued is it true?
  2. I don't have the Josephine but I can answer your second question - yes, the blue colour was recently discontinued. That's too bad because I thought the blue was a pretty colour!
  3. I have one in cherry, and I love it. I can carry it in my hands, on my arms, or under my shoulder (although a bit tight). It doesn't look too big on the outside, and it's roomy on the inside. Only thing is, the inside is white so it kind of gets dirty easily, and it's cloth so better not put anything that may leak (uncapped pens, lip glosses,lipsticks with loose caps, etc). Otherwise I LOVE it.
  4. Have you tried magic eraser on the interior of your bag ? It works wonders ! I purchased a pochette which had a great deal of eye makeup spilt in the bottom and I was able to magic eraser everything out, it's spotless now !
  5. Is it the Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser you are referring to ayla? Do you need to wet it, wipe the bag afterwards or rinse in anyway?