Anyone with modelling pics of the MC Eliza?

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  1. i've been using the search thing for an hour and couldn't find one..:crybaby: elux is not much help... am about to take the plunge for a batignolles vertical and a panda clefs but want to make sure i want those 2 more than one mc eliza. ;)

    thanks so much everyone!!!!
  2. anyone...? :sad:
  3. thank you thank you lakersgyrl! i love the lakers as well!!!

    i'm thinking about this one in black... heehee but i dunno... maybe at this time the panda clefs and and BV is a smarter buy... *sigh* i wish my fam owned lv! hahaha
  4. Yeeaaay, a Lakers fan too:yahoo: You should get what your heart desires!:wlae:
  5. The MC Eliza is so precious, but so different from the BV....I'm not sure what to suggest, but I do agree with lakersgryl---get what you :heart: !
    Good luck and post pics when you get her!
  6. i thinkthe eliza is very cute... !
  7. i love eliza in black, especially when the color of LV logo on it is blue .....
    i wonder if it holds a lot tho...
  8. Not too much, it's like the same size as a trotteur or like....1.5X the pochettte accessoire
  9. oh... this is making me lean towards the bv + panda more! i had originally thought it is quite roomy since the bottom seemed like 4 inches. hehe. thanks cecilia. :smile:
  10. Lovin' the eliza!
  11. ^^jetaime, u have one? :smile: some more modelling pics would be great!