Anyone with Juicy Boots or shoes that came with a charm...

  1. Anyone have Boots that came with a charm?
    If so - does the lobster claw on the charm open?
    I just bought a pair of boots on eBay and they came with a charm on them - but it doesn't come off. I am wondering if this is normal or if it's a sign that they are fakes?
    Thanks =)
  2. Nope mine doesn't open..I have the sandals (flip flops) like these but the first ones that came out and just say Juicy on them:

    with the J charm on them and it isn't removeable. I was going to take it off so I didn't lose it but it's soldered on.
  3. Thanks so much rebecca - that helps a lot -- and I LOVE those flip flops (we call them thongs in Canada - but that sounds gross LOL)
  4. You're welcome! And they're actually really comfy, the only shoes I have that don't give me blisters!
    Lol my mom calls them that too, it's funny. :p