Anyone with Fuchsia Paillete VPs???

  1. I know some girls here have the above mentioned shoes & this dress reminded me of them... Oh how I wish that those shoes were in my closet.... along with this dress :p[​IMG]
  2. Here is the shoe. Such an amazing outfit. Great dress!!!
  3. Cute dress, where did you find it?

    I know that asha and stinas have these shoes. I am drooling...
  4. they are on my wish list
  5. Luv*Mulberry -

    YOU ARE FANTASTIC! I have to tell you, that dress is very me. :p I love Nanette Lepore who uses a lot of feminine flirty details just like the dress you posted. :cutesy: That's the perfect little dress for a night out with a pair of fun fuchsia paillette VPs! :party:
  6. i love that dress!
  7. Haha! THANKS!

    This outfit would be amazing! I love Nanette too! Such cute stuff - I am a sucker for a tailored little suit.. & she makes the best of em.

    I wish I had this dress plus the shoes :shame: The dress is very me too... I was almost scared to post it cause I don't exactly know anyones style!
  8. Oh that dress is cute. May have to get that one too! LOL Although I already have two dresses I bought specifically for the fuchsia sequin VPs. What's one more though right? haha