Anyone with experience of Mulberry shoe sizing?

I adore the Bayswater ballet flats on the website and am seriously considering buying myself a pair for work! I only wear flats for work, we have a smart-casual dress code so they're perfect with my trousers and as I seem to have strange heels which are very prone to rubbing, the elasticated backs are also perfect for me!

Does anyone know whether Mulberry shoes run small, large or true to size? At the moment I'm tempted to order a size larger because ballet flats are generally smaller fittings than boots and trainers, for example, and designer items always tend to run smaller also.

Anyone got any experience or advice?


Jun 14, 2009
I only have Mulberry postman lock boots, which are TTS for me.

Won't be an issue for you with flats but they are the most uncomfortable shoes I own, way worse that any of my other designer shoes, even higher heels. The arch is just wonky.


Aug 6, 2009
I have a couple of pairs of flats and they fit very true to size I am a five and even a 5.5 is too big, I would stick to your usual. One bit of advice the soles are useless on them the first thing I have had to do is take them to get some decent soles added, if you do this they will last forever but would wear out very quickly if you didn't and they can also be rather slippycrazy for such a massive spend I know but I have also had bad soles from other high end makes too.