Anyone with.. Either Bleecker, Sig Hobo (11431), or Sig Small Flap (11441)

  1. I was wondering if any if you gals had either of the two bags..

    Bleecker Signature Zip Hobo


    Bleecker Signature Small Flap Hobo

    and wouldn't mind giving me a modeling shot of this bag with included heights. ^^;

    I can't decided which one I would possibly want.. and i'm kinda stuck on these two.. ^^

  2. I don't have either one, but tried on the hobo (non-flap) and really liked's lightweight! (my new mantra) and looks really classy on. I'm sure others have these...;)
  3. I wish I had seen this a few hours ago. I was just looking at these along with the Bleeker Large Flap amongst other things. I could've gotten some cellphone camers shots. They are both nice. In person, I liked the flap hobo better especially in the sig fabric. This time I want something in leather with a longer drop though. I LOVE the Bleeker Large Flap.
  4. I bought my mom the small leather flap(11427) for her birthday and she seems to really like it. It's too small for me, but it works for her. It is very light weight and the tattersall lining is so cute. Here's a picture for reference.