Anyone with Effie willing to do .........

  1. modelling pics - pleasey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:p:shame:
  2. I feel kind of obligated due to all my Effi-ing around lately... I´ll see if I can get myself to do some modelling pics unless someone else gets there before me:p.
  3. C'mon Mymlan...don't be shy!!!! If you want us to believe your Effie is us!!!
  4. Thanks mymlan!!!
  5. Ok, Jo here we go...:smile: (tried to construct a Barbourish kind of hat;)but..)
    I found out that the baby´s small diaper thingy fitted perfect inside Effie. Maybe I´ll use it as a kind of lining when diaperdays are over;)!
    (I´ll post some of the pics at the catwalk too)
    P1190572.JPG P1190574.JPG P1190566.JPG P1190570.JPG P1190571.JPG
  6. Thanks Mymlan! ME LIKEY!!!! You look gawhgeous in your Effie! Yay! Another Mulberry success!
  7. Looks great mymlan!! i'm thinking that the Effie may be my next bag!:tup:
    Love the hat:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  8. mymlan - you look great!! That might just be my next in choco, too!!! Love it:heart::heart::heart:
  9. Great bag-love the hat!!!
  10. Wow, that Effie is gorgeous and so much bigger than I thought!
    Now I want one too! :shame:
  11. oops, missed this thread, have posted in the catwalk one, bag looks great! It is bigger than I thought too (Oi..leave it!) :roflmfao:

    Is anyone else a little uncomfortable with the name of that one? I always think I'm going to come out with something offensive by mistake. :graucho:
  12. Thanks for your lovely comments:yahoo:! Now my head fits the big "hat" perfect:p!
    (I´m just about 160 cm so don´t get mistaken by the size of the bag:shame:...)