Anyone with Dyshidrosis (clusters of itchy blisters)?

  1. Inspired by the dermographism thread.

    Does anyone have dyshidrosis? (

    It's basically clusters of insanely itchy tiny blisters that form around the hand/feet. If I'm lucky (like right now), the cluster only spreads within its vicinity. Otherwise it usually spreads all over my hands/wrists/feet/ankles within 15 minutes flat.

    I haven't been officially diagnosed with this but instead was misdiagnosed as a fungal infection all this time. I've never believed the doctor and finally found this wiki article last week; it fits all the symptoms, except the first time I had this (about 15 years ago), it spread all over every inch of my body, including inside my mouth.

    Currently I have this on a knuckle for the last month and it's still not going away. It's half scaling/healing so it's already on the good end of things, and yet there are still 15 blisters on an area the size of my pinky nail. It's so itchy I feel like crying all the time, and this is one of my better episodes! My creams don't really help more than half an hour each time.

    Anyone else here with this? If so, please post your stories, what you do about it, and if you notice anything that triggers it.
  2. Aww really? No one? Not that I wish it on anyone, but I feel so alone in this cuz I don't know anyone with this disorder.
  3. I had it years ago on the tips of my fingers. They looked like multiple little blisters. I went to 2-3 different dermatologists before it was even diagnosed correctly, if you can imagine. I wish I could recall what he gave me--some ointment--that took awhile but eventually took care of it and I've never had it since.

    You have a more widespread form of it. Good luck!
  4. Thanks for your experience Boxermom! At least I don't feel so alone. :smile:

    I have corticosteroid ointment and my bf got my benedryl. Each one only keeps the itchiness away for 1/2 hour max, but they all say you're not suppose to apply more than 3 times a day. That's no help.

    Maybe I'll print out the wiki or MDweb articles and give them to my doctor during my annual check up. Sheesh, I sometimes wonder if I need a new doctor.
  5. It's one of those really aggravating conditions and unsightly as well. Yes, with a corticosteroid, you'll be limited in how much you can use.

    Have you been to a dermatologist or a GP? Either way, I hope this goes away. If I recall correctly, it wasn't a fast cure, but at least it eventually left and didn't come back.
  6. You know, I never realized that this was its own disorder, but I have this.

    I get it in little patches between my fingers - you'd have to look closely to see them, they're very hidden, but they're bunches of little tiny blisters and they itch like CRAZY. I just have them periodically, not all the time, but they come seemingly out of nowhere, and then heal after a few days. I'm gonna have to look more in to this!
  7. I have this problem too! I never knew there was a specific name for it. I got the first one from a reaction to a latex band aid. All those ITCHY tiny blisters. My Derm gave me a great cream for it called Clobetasol Propionate Cream. It does work. She also said I can take Advil to reduce the inflammation and Children's Benedryl (I am highly reactive to meds so less is more for me) to reduce the itch when it is at its worst. I will have to do some research on this. I never knew it had a name.

    I just looked at the link and mine actually doesn't get quite that bad. It is also on my arm right now so maybe it's not that same thing.
  8. Wow! Thanks everyone! I'll have to talk to a doctor about the cream. I never knew it had a name either, but the symptoms drive me so insane that I had to figure out what it is.

    My GP of 8+ years misdiagnosed it as "maybe fungus, maybe bacteria, probably nothing" all this time, and it never quite fit what he said. I'm going to get a new doctor cuz I was in dire need of more ointment (and refill on my birth control pills) and the receptionist refused to let me wait without making an appointment because I haven't been to the doctor since last September... Argh! So this is the last straw and I am getting myself a new doctor.

    I'm going to print out the article and bring it to the new doctor.
  9. You need to see an actual Dermatologist. You will get the best help from a specialist.

  10. This sounds exactly like what I get on my fingers sometimes! It's always the same two fingers, middle and pointer of my left hand. I thought it was just eczema, I didn't know it had a specific name. Mine is pretty minor-nothing like the pictures from the article. I use a Desocort lotion.
  11. the disease is called dyshidrosis. the signs and symptoms is compatible with this diagnosis. it is recurrent, small blisters that is deep-seated,itchy, painful when burst out, than becomes hard and scaly and even affects the nail and disfigured. some said the cause is overproduction of yeast. the etiologic agent is candida albicans. the underlying disease is leaky gut syndrome. Its our diet that causes its outbreak. just read something about it. I'm just starting to follow the do's and dont's of the syndrome. Don't know if it will work-out, but some said they have no outbreak for a year by following the correct diet.
    hope we will find the most effective cure for our disease and forever be gone.
    more power to us!!
  12. Wow Mattoy thanks for the info! I haven't been on tPF for over a year so I was surprised to this thread on the first page. :smile:

    I'll look into leaky gut syndrome. That's exactly what I was looking for: possible source of problem and preventative measures.
  13. i have this too! so glad that i'm not alone. i think it started from an irritation from a fake gold forever21 ring. I have it between my ring and middle finger & knuckles. For the longest time, I didn't know how to deal with it. I have eczema but I can tell it wasn't the same kind of eczema I usually get.

    My boyfriends mom (an RN) gave me Fluocinonide topical solution (a clear liquid that i put on a q-tip and then onto the affected areas) and it's been getting better. It burns like hell but it works!
  14. @maddog.. pls let me know if you found something that cures our disease.. you still have it? does it recurr?
  15. I have this now and it's like an on-off thing and it's soooo annoying and really stressful for me because I try really hard to hide my hands and it just keeps getting worse! If anyone knows how to get rid of it and prevent it from happening again, please let me know :sad: