Anyone with double pleated(Plisse) scarves?

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  1. Does anyone have double pleated scarves? One lady told me that I should try double pleated ones if I like the regular plisse....because they are more beautifu. But I can't seem to find any pics?? If you have any, please post pics of you wearing them!! NM(only option we have in Michigan) doesn't carry them.... Are they limited or regular items for boutiques? How much are they?

    Thank you for your help!!

    Did anyone see Bolduc scarf in plisse?? I love this one so much!!
  2. Fabulous Wintotty!! Love your JPG and plisse.

    There was some info about the double pleated plisses in one of the threads, I'll see if I can find it for you.
  3. ^Oh, that's not me! It's the girl from Japanese Resell boutique...I just wanted to post a pic of Plisse I'm dying for!! I wish I had them though!!!:drool:
  4. lol, she is fabulous.... as I am sure you are too.
  5. Rose, you totally crack me up. That's Mika, as wintotty said. Her blog is mentionned a few times on this forum ^^

    wintotty, never heard of those but I am very curious because I love plissé scarves. I'll definitely be checking back on this thread! Too bad I am away from home at the moment, or I'd have called my boutique to ask them.
  6. Well, you could always spend the $80 and have it done. After today's fun with mine, I think it is worth it!!
  7. Perja... how could I have missed this!! Must find out more about gorgeous Mika! Is she a tPFer?
  8. wintotty, I own one double-pleated scarf (called a mosaique) which I have worn only once even though it is the beautiful blue and gold Carpe Diem design as, quite frankly, I find it hard to wear. It is beautiful to look at and to play with off the neck (the way the pleats spring back into the formation), but I really don't wear it. I also have one box-pleated scarf which is easier to wear--works more like the regular plisse scarves--and one of my very favorite scarves. I think in my first or second "Hermes in action" picture that I posted shows me wearing it although I don't think you can tell that much about it. I've heard that the double-pleated scarves are more difficult to create than the regular plisse scarves and I'm not sure that they are made by Hermes any longer, alhtough your SA may know better than I on that point. I certainly haven't seen one in a boutique for quite some time now.
  9. No, she isn't as far as I know, Rose.
  10. I have a double pleated scarf in Kachinas. In fact it is the first plisse I ever bought and found it at the Duty Free Hermes at the Lisbon Airport. Had no idea what I was buying LOL! I love the way it ties and have never had a problem wearing it at all. I am under the impression that it is one of the few designs that they double pleated. I have your Bolduc plisse also and love it. I find it drapes completely differently from my other plisses. Have no idea why that is. Looks great on you!
  11. some people like it but others find it difficult to wear.... In that case, I really want to see them in person before I even consider sending a scarf to be double pleated then.....

    If anyone ever see the bolduc plisse in the pic I posted, please please pm me!!!! I so want that scarf!!!
  12. A double pleat -is that different than from a plisse??
    Pictures please.
  13. I have one I have never worn. I agree with MaggieD, it is beautiful to look at and play with, but I am unsure what to do with it. Plus I don't want to mess it up.

    Mine is Rubans du Cheval.
  14. golconda, MaggieD, gracekelly....could you please post pics of your scarf??? It'll be very helpful!!
  15. Yes, pix please!! I can't picture it yet!
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