Anyone with diabetic canine here?

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  1. My 7 yr old pom was diagnosed last december.
  2. I don't want to give too much veterinary advice, since the little guy is already under a vet's care (I'm a vet too!) but is there anything practical or basic I could answer for you?:smile:
  3. Had a Dalmatian that was diabetic
    Are you just looking for some general advice?
    What has your vet recommended already?
  4. I have a Diabetic cat. If you need general info I might be able to help.
  5. my dog has been on insulin since her dx in december. she's on one injection per day, we started her out with 2.5 units, and now, she's down to about slightly over 1 unit a day, once a day. we test her urine using the strip every morning and it always comes out negative. she's continuing to loose weight, from 12lbs down to 7.8 lbs. i feel like something is not right, she doesn't sound like the atypical diabetic case? does she?
  6. Are you able to check her blood sugar? I know in Diabetic cats if the sugar levels are too high the cat will lose weight even if he eats a normal amount. I know how to test my cat but I am not sure about a dog. Also most animals get 2 shots per day. What type of Insulin is she using?

    Take a look at this website when you get the chance. They can probably answer all your questions. I learned a LOT more from my Feline Diabetes website than I ever learned from my vet. Good for you for taking such good care of your baby.

  7. i test her glucose level using urine strip every morning, and it always turns out negative. so i am not sure what's going on.
  8. Just because she isn't dumping glucose into her urine doesn't mean her blood sugar level is okay. Testing blood sugar and sugar in urine gives you two different numbers.

  9. i thought it was the same thing? if there's no reading in the urine strip then it means she's not high, the only thing the urine strip isn't able to reveal is how low it is.