Anyone with Damier Geant LOUP?

  1. I need messenger bag and I want to know your opinions. I want to see more pictures before i decide. Which color is better in your opinion?

    Thank You, lol:flowers: :flowers:
  2. i quite like the black, i think the black fabric paired with the blackish-brown brushed leather trim is really striking! i was never a huge fan of the lighter geant colors.
  3. I like both they are so different.
  4. Thank you, proably I'll buy black one, coz leather trim is black
  5. Brown leather on black Loup ;)
    Loup.JPG Loup 2.JPG
  6. Looking good!
  7. Thanks Nola :smile1
  8. haha sould be a smile...don't know what happend ...sorry! :smile:
  9. Thank You so much Cilifene!!:flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  10. Thanks for flowers :p