Anyone with custom made jewelry? Post about it here.


Jul 13, 2010
I always get compliments on the set of stacked 18k yellow gold bangles I wear permanently.

They are in a set of 4, which I had custom made in Cambodia, when I was visiting this past summer. As Cambodian tradition, women (and girls too) wear bangles on their left wrist (mostly permanently, or sometimes slipped on with oil or a plastic bag so that they CAN be removed but only on rare occasion if necessary.) Sometimes we wear 2 thicker bangles, other girls choose to wear 8+!

Although gold's value has increased on a global level, in my experience, every item of Asian gold has been prettier than the gold I've bought stateside? It's shinier, better looking, and better crafted. Also, I hardly see yellow gold bangles that are as pretty and well made as the ones you will find in the small, mom&pop type Asian jewelers. I believe this is why I get so many compliments. (Maybe this is an appropriate place to insert that there MAY be a chance that these small jewelers are selling fake jewelry? Never happened to me, but I know that at official, commercial jewelers, you get certification and the like with a purchase.)

Anyway, I just wanted to post about it because I ADORE these bangles. I got them to replace the ones I had growing up (I had them put on me at age 7 or so and grew too tight for me) Like I said, we usually wear them permanently.

So do any of you have custom jewelry? And interesting stories to go with the pieces? I'm just curious and would love to hear about it. :biggrin: Especially to make up for the bad day I had at LV earlier today!