anyone with bad eyes that can understand?

  1. okay, i'm nearly in tears here. i went, like, two months ago for new contacts. things were way blurry, i couldn't drive at night- it was just bad. so i got new contacts and it was significantly better.

    but in the last few days, i'm having trouble seeing again. like, major trouble. i even changed contacts, thinking maybe i just need to change them more often (they're monthly lenses, but i end up having to change them every 2-3 weeks, for whatever reason). changing lenses didn't help at ALL.

    my lenses are -11.50 and -12.00 now. my eyes really cannot get much worse or they literally don't have contacts for me (the brand i have to wear only goes up to a -15.00)...and at the rate my eyes have been changing, it won't be long until i'm in that highest prescription.

    and i can't get lasik yet, they just won't do my eyes until they're stable (plus something about astigmatism affecting it and something about retinal detachment, but i don't know). and my eye doc told me that unless they have great advances, i'll probably go blind before i can get it done.

    so i'm freaking out. i'm 22, for god's sake! :cry:

    does anybody have experience with, eh, deteriorating eyes at such a young age?! is it hopeless, at this point?
  2. Yikes, that is really scary! I have terrible eyes, and mine are only -5.25, so I can't even imagine how scary this must be for you. I really hope they stabilize soon. Bad eyes suck! :hysteric:
  3. Yeah, I have bad eyes too, but mine are at -5.5. and -4.5. I had to have eye surgery when I was really young (like 4 or 5) because I had a lazy eye. But yeah, I sympathize with you. It must be even harder for you. I'll be crossing my fingers that your eyes come through for yeh in the end. :yes:
  4. see, my whole family wears glasses or contacts. and most of them are in the -4.0 to -5.5 range, but they're all older than me (i'm the baby). i don't know why mine are so bad...

    i can't even wear glasses for more than a little bit at night. i can't drive in them (zero peripheral vision and the thick lenses distort things too much). last time i bought a pair, i paid WAY extra for the super thin lenses- and they were still really thick.
  5. That's awful... have you tried talking to any other eye doctors to explore other options?
  6. wow. mine are in the double digits for my glasses rx, but not for contacts (8.5, 9.5). your eyes = wow. i would maybe see a couple of other doctors and get as much info as you can. good luck and keep us posted. i know how hard it is to not be able to see w/o rx lenses...
  7. I don't have these problems, but I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am, that you're having to go through all this hon. I'm sure you're scared and mad and a few other emotions we can't i.d. with. I'm thinking of you...keep us informed as to how you come along w/it. hugs.
  8. How is your doctor telling you that you're going to go blind before Lasik or any other intervention is advanced enough to fix your problem going to help? What a jerk- no wonder you're freaked out! Definitely seek a second opinion and know that eye problems can stabilize. They didn't even make contact lenses for my eye rx until 1999, and I finally got contacts in 2000. And trust me, I had very bad vision that eventually stabilized, and it has been that way for the past 5 years. So, there is ALWAYS hope! Don't let this get you down.

    There are yoga exercises for the eye that helped my parents with their eyesight. They watch their yoga guru on t.v. on the Indian cable channels and swear by the exercises. PM me if you'd like more information, or you can google "eye asanas".
  9. ^i think his reason behind telling me all that was based on the current deterioration of my eyes (based on the 5 years i've been seeing him) and based on how current lasik procedures are.

    but it still freaked the hell outta me when he said that.
  10. I hope you don't mind me asking, but have you actually been diagnosed with some sort of eye/retinal disease? Perhaps you need to see a retinal specialist if there is talk of a detachment? There are many things that can be done but time can often be the enemy, you need to be pro active in this and ask for a referral to a specialist. Don't be afraid to ask questions, knowledge is power. Sorry to be bossy but my son (17) has an eye disease so I can understand your fear. Take care.
  11. i was under the impression there was nothing they could do for retinal detachment until, i guess, it happened. and i asked him if i needed to see someone else, and he said no. :shrugs:
  12. In your post you say that you don't have peripheral vision and you can't drive at night.
    is the doctor you are seeing an opthamologist or an optomotrist. if it is only an optomotrist, then please see an opthamologist and ask for a visual field test. the doctor will then be able to determine if you are losing peripheral vision. i have a condition called "retinitis pigmentosa" and the way it was diagnosed was through a field test and because i told the doctor that i could not see at night. i don't want to scare you.... but when someone tells you that you may end up blind, then you need to see a specialist so that you know what you are facing and if there is anything that can be done. please don't be scared.... just see the best dr. you can and find out what is going on. best of luck and please let me know how you make out.
  13. I'm so sorry for your troubles. Like the other posters, I think you should see a specialist. In this day and age, second opinions for serious problems are pretty much the norm. I sincerely hope you can find another physician (preferably an opthomologist b/c they are MDs) that can give you a more positive assessment and other alternatives.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you.
  14. I too have vision problems (my contacts are -4.50 and -4.75) for myopia and astigmatism. It's not nearly as high as yours, but I totally understand your feelings.

    I really really recommend you get a second, even a third or fourth opinion. Or see a specialist. No matter how long you've been with your current doctor, in a situation like this is always better to BE SURE of what can or will happen instead of sitting around for it to come and then wonder what if. Sorry if it sounds a little harsh, that is NOT my intention, I just don't want to see you this scared because I know what it's like to have problems with your eyes.
    Please, at least see another doctor. Maybe there's something your current one is missing.
    A big hug coming your way. I hope it all works out for the best.
  15. oh, it's not harsh! i appreciate it.

    the only prob is that i don't have insurance...and i have the feeling going to see a specialist is pricey. :s