Anyone with Azur Artsy AND Azur NF?

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  1. My dilemma: The Artsy is my favorite bag, and Azur is my favorite canvas. My first bag was the Neverfull MM in DA (which I just brought out for Spring and am enjoying).

    Two very beloved Artsys later, I am looking at adding Artsy Azur for this summer.

    My question for those who have both: Do you find yourself not carrying the NF anymore? I am worried this will happen to me. :sad:
  2. I have the neverfull GM and I literally just ordered an artsy mm this morning. I'm still going to use my NF for my kids soccer games, Saturday/ Sundays outings and when I travel because it holds more than just my everyday purse essentials. My artsy will be strictly just my handbag if that makes sense?

    Every bag serves a purpose :smile:
  3. The NF is definitely more casual while the Artsy is a dressier bag with that handle detail and charm and all.. I am actually also currently struggling with whether or not my Artsy MM in azur makes sense to keep with my Speedy in azur already in my collection... they do just look kinda similar sitting there on the shelf lol! :smile: But I suppose even little differences make it justifiable to have both!

    Even if you fall out of love with your NF that's nothing to be too upset about, they have great resale value so go for your favorite bag in your favorite print, and just keep the NF for as long as you only keep using her. You might surprise yourself and keep it for yoga pants baseball caps days or whatever ha ha. :smile:
  4. Thanks for the input ladies :smile:. I won't be selling my NF. I love the bag!
  5. Hi there ~ I have both bags in mono canvas and I use them for different purposes. NF is my travel tote, used mostly for vacations and kids' sporting events, etc. I use Artsy when I want a larger purse. So I don't think it would be redundant to own both, even though you already have the Empreinte Artsy. :smile: HTH!
  6. Great memory, Yogagirl! I'm impressed. ;) Yes, I have the Emp and Mono Artsys. I don't have an issue with buying a 3rd Artsy. It will def get used. I'm just thinking my NF might get neglected, when I am reaching for an Azur bag. Oh well, they are very different bags, as everyone has reminded me. :biggrin:

    I use my Mono Neo NF GM for travel.
  7. I like the idea of having azur NF and artsy. They both pretty. I dont have any azur yet, but i hope soon. Good luck. :smile: