Anyone with an RM Matinee in Grey/Dark Grey? Comments appreciated.

  1. Anyone who has this bag? Found photos through Shopbop...
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Photos c/o Shopbop

    Do you like it/love it, do you think it's neutral enough for everyday use? Thanks!
  2. I have this bag : ) except with the silver hardware. The color is TDF and I think it's neutral enough for everyday use. I love mine :heart:. The leather is not matte at all, but has a nice hint of glaze and is soft. Are you thinking about getting it?? lol You should!:graucho: Here is a pic of mine:

  3. Here are a few more pics:

    11-19-07%20008.jpg 11-19-07%20012.jpg 11-19-07%20002.jpg 11-19-07%20009.jpg
  4. the OP pictures look way lighter than yours missy! is it the dark colour or light colour?

    i think it looks like a great bag
  5. Hi sara999! It's weird that those pics look lighter. It's actually a darker color IRL. It's such a pretty grey : ) Maybe it's another color that RM came out with the opposite that I own. I have the dark grey w/ the light grey suede on the sides. Those pics look to be light grey with the dark grey suede. LOL who knows...
  6. I think there are actually two gray matinee's - one dark gray w/ light gray suede, one light gray w/ dark gray suede. I've seen both. They're both very pretty - I LOVE gray, and it's a trendy color right now. But it's the kind of trendy color that will last seasons and seasons, so it's a good investment.
  7. Thanks missypoo, sara999, daniela127 -- I think you are right, daniela127, the pics I posted seem to have the leather-suede combination reversed (compared to missypoo's). Hmm. Anyone who has that matinee who can share pics? Sometimes site's pics of the bag show it in a different color... hmmm...

    And missypoo, LOL I am seriously thinking about it. I'm waiting for my Emerald MA to arrive and we'll have to see. If I were to be honest I'd love a red-toned bag but Grey is good and neutral... (my RM collection would be comprised of just the Glazed Espresso Matinee and Emerald MA by then)...
  8. I don't own that matinee (light gray w/ dark gray suede), but a friend does. The picture you posted is pretty accurate. I LOVE the color combination and I LOVE Rebecca Minkoff, so I say go for it!
  9. Can't wait to see your Emerald MA!! Post pics when you receive it : ) And I do like that light grey w/ dark grey suede Matinee. You can wear it w/ virtually any outfit.
  10. Eeeeek, daniela127! I'll see how my wallet fares once the new year comes in. Then again I think the Spring Collection comes in Jan 15th, so... *pulls on hair* LOL!

    I'll definitely be posting pics of the MA, missypoo! It's coming along with a Lauren Merkin clutch (I don't have my own clutch, I've always thought they were too small but the Louise is pretty big... so... I gave in LOL! My SA at Luna Boston is so nice and helpful.). I do think I prefer your dark grey-light suede combination, just with gold hardware... hmm.

    I know, I am one confused turtle. LOL!
  11. missypoo, found this and wasn't sure if you'd seen it, but here is the MA in hot pink -- it's from the blog entry about "Meeting Rebecca Minkoff"! I don't know how I missed it! I lightened it up a bit -- it IS hot pink!

    Photo courtesy of Purse Blog.
  12. Madaboutdarcy, I have the RM Matinee in Grey and the pic from Shopbop (with the girl) is an accurate picture of what the bag looks like. Missypoo's bag is a bit darker than the shopbop picture, as stated I do believe there are different shades of grey in the RM collection. The particular grey in question doesn't have the glazed look (comparing this to the glazed expresso and eggplant color) its more of a matte with a bit of shine. If that makes any sense? Out of all my RM bags (I have 4), the Grey Matinee is the softest and is a great neutral. Go for it!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I love the light gray Matinee. That is the one I originally wanted, but couldn't find anywhere, so I got the dark gray instead. The dark gray is a glossy dark charcoal color, almost a light black with some blue undertones, with light gray suede. The light gray is the reverse, with charcoal suede, not as shiny.

  14. EEKKK!! How did I miss that one too lol. RM did say that it will come in both the MA and MAM sizes. I hope so because this is exactly color I have been looking for! When will it come out???
  15. ^ LOL I know :smile: No idea, but someone in another thread said Jan 15th?

    Mia2001, you are evil LOL I think I'll wait til January for new purchases. I'm really interested in that one bag in the intro for RM's new Resort collection. So I'll wait... and if there is nothing maybe this will be on sale! :biggrin: Thanks!