Anyone with an LG Chocolate Phone??

  1. I've had a Motorola Razr for 2 years now & I've had nothing but problems with it :cursing:. It's time for a new cell & I'm thinking about the LG Chocolate (I :heart: the pink one). Anyone have this phone? Love it or hate it? The only complaints I've heard about this phone is that it freezes & it's sensitive. Any info would be greatly appreciated :biggrin:
  2. I had one. Wasn't blown awahy by it. The volume sucks on it. People were always asking me to repeat what I said.
  3. I hated mine! Like you I had the Razr, but after trying the chocolate, I wish I hadnt have tried it!

    Its not the touch screen (I have the Prada now and that one is fine), its just a horrible phone to use, and not in the least bit friendly.

    The pink looks amazing, but I would say in this instance to not be blown away by the look of it, as the functions are bad :sad:
  4. i currently have this phone and i'm less than pleased with it. the soft buttons don't always work, but i think my phone's just defective...and when they do work i sometimes press the wrong button a lot. i'm very peeved about the crippled bluetooth, but i guess that's just stupid verizon. my friend also has a chocolate and she loves it though.
  5. I have a chocolate..... I raved about it when I first got it but now I only recommend it if you're patient with your phones.

    First off, the screen scratches insanely easily. Secondly when you hold the phone against your ears, the touch-sensitive buttons go off so it's annoying when youre talking to someone and the phone keeps beeping because it think you're trying to mute the call or something. And the last problem I encountered is that the charge insert area is insanely sensitive. If you so just bend the chips inside the phone a little, you'll screw up the charging and the phone will never get fully charged; it'll die within 6 hours.

    The camera is fine though...
  6. Also check out reviews on the phone online, my dad found a ton of bad reviews when he getting my phone switched for a refurbished one
  7. Lol! My boyfriend works in for Verizon ( in store sales) and he was super excited when they ran a contest to win one for their employee lines. He raved about it for a month and now 3 phones later can't wait to get another one. He has had to exchange his out several times because it keeps breaking and talks bad things about it even though he has to sell them every day. lol. I would stay away from a phone that verizon employees can't even stand. ( yes I know most of the employees have them but notice how some of them have the colored ones its bc theirs broke and they got to switch them out ans got different colors. Most of the employees have had to switch them out)
  8. Thanks for the input everyone :yes: I had 2 Verizon employees tell me it's not a great phone. I don't think I want another phone that I can't stand so I'm staying away. I think I'll get the LG VX8600. Verizon said it's a great phone & my BF loves his.
  9. I got the Chocolate as a gift from my husband (then he was my boyfriend). I think it's one of the worst phone I have EVER used. The touch screen buttons are extremely hard to use. I prefer actual buttons or touch screen buttons like on the iPhone. The look is very sleek and the pink is cute, but I recommend the iPhone or blackberry curve. I love them :smile:
  10. Hmmmmm......that's strange, I have had one for months now, and I love mine. I don't have any problems with it at all. I love the look of it, and the volume seems fine. The only thing I worry about is that the phone will scratch. It is easily scratched. I just try to be careful w/ mine. But other than that, I like mine. I like it a lot more than my last flip phone
  11. My boss has one and loves her's! She hasn't had any problems and is one it all day! She has the cherry looks really cool!
  12. I got mine a few months ago and I love it...its never frozen on me. I heard the buttons were really sensitive too, but so far I haven't had any problems.
  13. I LOVE mine!! You just have to be patient with it and read the manual and after awhile, you'll get the hang of it. The buttons are sensitive but I love playing with my phone.

    Regarding scratching the screen, I carry mine inside a Coach cell phone pouch so the screen never gets scratch.
  14. Jen, you just need to change your "touch keypad" setting: go to "sensor level" and change it to medium or low so it won't be too sensitive. Then go to "unlock options" and change it to "press twice" so when you put the phone next to your ear, it won't try to do anything since you'll need to press the buttons twice to unlock your phone.
  15. I love playing w/ mine too, Irissy. It's a really fun phone, and comes in fun colors! I love the design of it. I think it's more sleek than my old flip phone.