Anyone with a zippy wallet can you help?

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  1. hi everyone,
    i got a zippy wallet in june, and ever since i've had problems with a part of it when i've got things in it. there is one part of the canvas by the zip where it bulges. i don't carry a huge amount so thought it was abit odd. to me it looks like it was stiched with a slight kink in the canvas.

    i'm not making much sense without pictures i know, but it's currently at the store being looked at. today they called saying it's normal. i know its not as i've seen many pictures of peoples wallets and they don't bulge like mine,

    so please could you post pics of your zippys with things in, just to prove i'm not going mad?!? a picture of the inside and the zip closed would be great thanks! :smile:
  2. I think someone already posted this get
  3. ??
  4. Do you mean the full size zippy or zcw? I have the zcw and there is a lil bulge by the zippers if that's what you mean, but I don't mind.
  5. the full size zippy!
  6. Here's photos of mine. I have a card in each of the slots, a few paper receipts/notes, and I don't keep change in the inside middle zipper part.
    image-2776521838.jpg image-1950185321.jpg
  7. Here's the inside.