Anyone with a zippy coin purse??

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  1. Hi everyone! I’ve recently purchased the catogram zippy coin purse. I love it! However, I’m concerned about the interior getting dirty and discolored from money and coins. It’s a beautiful orange and I love the print inside. I don’t want it to get messed up. I’ve seen a few DA items that got discolored and dirty from bills and coins. Does anyone have a light colored zippy coin purse? Has the interior held up nicely, or does it get dirty? If it does get dirty, can it be easily cleaned? Thanks!!
  2. There is a zippy coin purse thread in the clubhouse section. You will probably get more replies there. Good luck!
  3. P. S. Right now it is on page three about 24 topics down. I’d link it, but I am on my phone.
  4. Thank you!!! :smile:
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  5. Hmm I don’t have any zippy coin purses by LV but I do have 2 by Gucci. Now I can’t understand why it would bother you if the inside got soiled by the coins. Isn’t that want it’s used for??

    If it bothers you, maybe you can spray it with something before using it; or better yet clean it with wipes every night.

    Don’t mean to be harsh so don’t bite me.
  6. Lol no bite here! Thanks for responding. The inside coin slot just has beautiful print inside, I don’t want it to get messed up. I know the inside of some DA items have turned dark from coins and bills, even though it’s a different material. I’m wondering if zippy coin purses hold up better since the interior is different.
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    15440458386311444196038.jpg 15440458651532031857992.jpg 154404589737261649617.jpg 1544045953808531223968.jpg 15440460269491640448192.jpg Here is my solution, because I was worried about that also. Its a thin plastic card holder or fishing license holder. I found these on Amazon:
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  8. I use clear pouches that I got from stationary stores to put coins in and keep the wallets clean.

  9. That wallet is too adorable!!
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  10. It's simple. Use clear plastics to line the compartment you want to host your coins. That way, you still see the beautiful print, without worrying about dirty coins. I wouldn't worry about bills.
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  11. I agree with you!
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  12. I do the same for my coins and bills. Keeps me organized and clean! I know coins and bills have tons of gross bacteria since it changes hands so much so that’s also a plus to do this!
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  13. Have you considered a clear pouch or plastic bag to protect interior an extra step but piece of mind
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  14. Yes- me, too. I use clear plastic sleeves to keep both my bills and coins. I’ve got the noir catogram with white interior so I’ve got to be extra careful. I cut a quarter size piece of an old vinyl check book cover to keep my folded bills, and sized down a Sephora perfume sample sleeve to house my coins. Both fit nicely in the pockets.
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