Anyone with a white or dark white lambskin bag-Questions please!

  1. Have read quite a few posts regarding above., but need help from those that own them.........have you been able to keep them from staining or are they really a complete lost cause.......I just bought a gorgeous winter white double flap, have not picked it up yet and would like to know if there is a chance of keeping it looking pretty or not....thank you.....:heart:H
  2. Hi! I own a white lambskin bag and actually have been using it more often than I thought. It still looks pretty good but I have to be careful though because I notice that there are slight denim stains in between the straps of the bag. I don't really know how it managed to get there..strange but I definitely believe you can maintain it well!
  3. Yours looks beautiful, do you know if Chanel would re-dye white lambskin....some members have said no!!! just panicking here that I might ruin it....thanks for your reply:heart:H
  4. I don't own this bag, but I wanted to comment. I think it's important to keep dirt and oils off of it as much as possible which means washing hands frequently and not touching the bag with dirty hands.

    My SA showed me the large Ultimate Soft in beige a few weeks back and it was kind of gross. It had gotten dirty and it was only a display bag. How it got so dirty, I'm not sure, but I can only assume it was from so many people touching it. I think if you're careful, it can stay looking very good, but I think clean hands are definitely important.
  5. Thanks ! I actually am not too familiar with whether Chanel would redye white lambskin or not..I heard that once it's redyed, it's not as soft as it use to be...gosh I really like to know now too!!
  6. I agree about the dirty and oily hands :yes: But not only on the white colored bags, I think this applies to every bag with delicate leather, no matter what color.

    My white lambskin Jumbo holds up pretty well, I've used it quite often. I'm not using it during winter time though. I have said this before and it could be my imagination, but since mine is an older lambskin flap I believe the 'older' lambskin leather can take more than the 'newer' lambskin leather of today. The lambskin leather on my black E/W flap (which I don't own anymore) scratched much easier and I had to be more careful with it than I have to be with my white flap.

    I didn't pretreated it or cleaned it, it still looks crispy white after pretty much use.
  7. Although I don't own a vintage Chanel white lambskin bag, I think this may very well be true - I just saw a Chanel white lambskin bag which is more than 2 decades old and it looked absolutely gorgeous. It looks as if it has been worn but there were no scratches, no dirty smudges. It was pristine. The owner herself confessed that she was surprised at how durable the leather turned out to be (as compared to the leather that are being churned out nowadays). She has not sent the bag in for any repairs etc nor did she pre-treat the bag in any way prior to using it.

    My SA says that Chanel is able to re-dye white lambskin but it will have to be re-dyed white. They can't go darker than the original colour. Oh and apparently the texture of a re-dyed bag won't be bag as soft as it used to be :shrugs:
  8. That's great to know, thanks for sharing!