anyone with a watch purchase regret?

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  1. I see lots of regrets and mistakes on LV subforum. I made a big one in LV a year ago. But I was wondering if anyone here has a regret on a watch purchase. Fortunately, for me, I bought a few over the years at Nordstroms and Bloomies and did not have them sized. So it was very easy to return and get off my charge card. They were unworn. Over the last couple years, I've purchased Micheles, Michael Kors, and most recently a Glam Rock. I'm not proud that I bought and returned. I was just so unsure. I have zero regrets on my high-end watches.
  2. My DH bought me a Sub for my birthday....I traded in my Ladies Yachtmaster and he did the rest. I had wanted a larger watch. I thought I loved it but wondering if I should have done something like an AirKing instead.
  3. I think the sub is a great watch. Are you going to trade for air king?
  4. Michael Kors. Returned it a week later - not for me. Cute design, but too "fashion-y".

    I wanted a bigger fun watch to wear, but knowing me, I probably should have saved up for a Rolex Air King or something instead of try to quench my big watch needs with a fashion watch. Not that there's anything wrong with a fashion watch, I just prefer my watch brands to be classic / timeless brands.
  5. nope...I always do research before making such big purchases, i love all my watches. The only regret i have is selling the white J12, gonna repurchase it soon!!
  6. I usually think about it for months before I decide on a major purchase. The only regret is not getting a larger face but I'm still happy with the watch. Another excuse for a new watch. :biggrin:
  7. bb10lue - If you don't mind me asking, why did you sell the white j12?
  8. At the time I thought I didn't like it anymore as it was just sitting in my jewelry box, and I was obsessed with Chanel bags and Cartier jewleries.
  9. Oh. I hope you get another real soon!
  10. I regretted purchasing two Michael Kors watches. I got them last year because of the large watch face (it was I think 42 millimeters). I got one in gold and the other was black with gold accents. Last year I loved both of them. Right now, I don't like them. I have a very skinny wrist, so looking at it now, they look gaudy on my small wrist. Since they are a year old (and I took the links out and couldn't return them), I decided to sell them at at pawn shop. I thought about it and I know that five years from now, I wouldn't have worn them. From here on out, I will not but watches on impulse and trends :tdown:, lol. I'll stick with the classic watches (and brands) like Michele, Skagen and Bulova. :tup:

  11. Not anytime soon! I think my DH would be hurt and a little irritated since I did pick it out. Could be worse, huh?!
  12. My impulse purchase of a Cartier Divan watch (now discontinued) was a mistake. I may have worn it only a handful of times so I tried to see if Trouneau would give me credit for a trade in for a used Rolex Air King and they offered $1300 which to me wasn't worth it, plus I really wanted a NEW Rolex. I ended up giving the watch to my mom and she loves it. I also bought a Michael Kors gold Runway watch which I never wear, but that is more of a costume piece and I knew it would be a "fun" watch rather than a staple watch.
  13. I regretted buying a mid size rolex yachtmaster bi colour with a white dial, lovely watch & probably would of kept it if it had been the 40mm but, had it for nearly 3 years & had thought about selling it for over a year before I finally did & that was only because I got such a good price & I think thats because Rolex have increased there prices so much over the last 3 years, I used the money to buy a yg love bangle even though all my watches are SS & jewellery is platinum, wg & silver, but thought the yg might age a bit better, hope I dont regret not buying it in wg.
  14. I spent a lot of time looking at a beautiful watch and one day finally pulled the trigger and bought it and had it sized. It was only a few weeks in that I became so annoyed that it did not have hour markers as it was impossible to tell the time by quickly looking at the dial. I sold it fairly quickly.
  15. These days I'm really into those large watches! The prices are so reasonable that I've started thinking of them as decorative, like bracelets, until I'm ready to get a really good watch like Rolex. Also, I suspect that the oversized watch thing is a fad, and won't last much longer. So far, I've gotten several Michael Kors, a Toywatch, a Movado, a DKNY, and a Coach. They're fun to wear!