Anyone with a VS Angel Card Willing to help me out?

  1. Is there any member in the US with a Victoria's Secret Angel card who is willing to help me order some stuff? I want to use a promotion code but unfortunately it's only valid with a VS card and I don't want to open one up just yet.

    Pretty, pretty, pretty please? :tender:

    Please PM me if you're willing to help, I'll pay a user's (is that the correct term?) fee!
  2. Where do I find it??? I would love to give it to you.
  3. Sunshine you are a doll!!

    Unfortunately it's their company credit card so I need a member who has their credit card. (I'll paypal whoever it is the amount plus fees beforehand!!)

    Thanks so much though Sunshine!! :girlsigh:
  4. My card has a limit... How much stuff were you lookin' to buy?
  5. ^ Luna, I sent you a PM!

    Thanks sooo much in advance, even if you can't do it!
  6. mas2388 - thank you soo much! your inbox is full though :tender:
  7. eeks sorry! it's open again now =)
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