Anyone with a Vernis bag in the dark blue? or have seen the color?

  1. Anyone with the dark blue vernis? perhaps even the bedford.. Can you post pics.. If you have seen color, how is it?

    I would love the bedford too, and can't decide between pearl, hazelnut and the dark blue color..
  2. The indigo? It's really pretty..I wished I could have gotten a piece but got something else instead when I had the chance. It's pretty because in certain lights it almost looks like a really dark shimmery purple, then in others, it looks like a bold dark blue.
  3. sounds great! But are they discontinued now? I don't know if my LV has them but they are online still..
  4. Yes... It's discontinued. I think Veronika had one and Pupsterpurse.... hmmm she made have exchanged already.. I'm sure these ladies posted in Visual Aid. Like lvbabydoll said it's a beautiful shimmery purple blue color. I procrastinated and missed out. :sad:
  5. Yeah they're discontinued but you can still find some smaller pieces around in some stores. I'd call your local store to see if they can locate something for you :smile:
  6. I saw a few bags of this color in Moscow's LV in September, it's awesome! The contrast between light vachetta and indigo looks great!

    I saw a Biscayne Bay and wante to buy it for my Mother, but it had defects on vachetta.
  7. That indigo color is gorgeous. Too bad it was discontinued after I got the LV addiction!!
  8. I have a reade pm in the indigo. I love it. The color is so pretty. I got one of the very last ones on the east coast and most of the west coast is gone now too. But you may be able to find a houston or bedford still available. A few months ago when I was searching there were 3 houstons left in the US.
  9. I'd love to see the indigo LV color as well!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color NAVY blue - which is why I am now in the search of the large LV Josephine in navy blue - yummy!!!
  10. Do yo have a pic of it? I would love to see it!
  11. Doesn't someone here have a gorgeous Indigo Reade PM?

    Edit: RIGHT it's tr444! Yes, she has one...and posted already :p

  12. The Boca Raton Florida location had an indigo bedford, ludlow wallet & continental wallet (forgot the name but it's the long wallet).
  13. sounds great!! I HOPE that vuitton in Denmark has it too.. SIGH .. I am really torn between the three colors, and don't wanan order/buy anything before I can see them in real life.. I am too carefull? or should I just go for one color?
  14. here are my two indigo beauties!
    DSCN0605.jpg 101_0020.jpg