Anyone with a Verizon cell phone have this happen to them??

  1. So I have a Verizon phone and I have to admit, I've dropped it a few times.

    Last night, I made several calls and received several calls, all were fine.
    Then this morning, despite the fact that I have good reception [4 bars] I can't seem to receive or make ANY calls... visited the website for troubleshooting tips, but it was no help at all. I've tested it by calling my house number a few times and calling my cell phone from the house phone but nothing is showing up.

    Is it possible that I accidentally changed a setting somewhere and now I can't use my phone to make calls at all and that received calls aren't showing up? My phone isn't locked and has a full battery right now. I have no clue what's going on!

    Any help is greatly appreciated!! :tup::tup:
  2. take the battery out and turn it back on.
  3. Just did this but it didn't work :sad:
    Maybe I can use this as an excuse to get a new phone now.. :p
  4. Whoa.. so weird. It worked for one second, then the call ended, saying -CALL FAILED-. I tried calling my cell phone again from my house phone and it didn't show any calls being received. -sigh- AND I just lost complete reception for a second. I'm tempted to throw my phone at a wall, but that wouldn't solve anything.. :biggrin:
  5. try taking it to a verizon store and see if they can fix it... if you have insurance on it then you can probably get a new one through that. and if not.. then it might be time for a new phone ;) new phones are always fun!

    i have read that it's happened to some people but honestly i can't remember if they somehow fixed it or got a replacement phone.
  6. Yeah, mine does that. However, my phone is 2 yrs old. I attribute it to their network b/c it is on and off.
  7. Mine is reaching 2 years... plan expires in June, so I was hoping it'd hold out until then. But of course, it doesn't.

    Good thing is, I can still send and receive text messages! :lol:

    I'll see if I can stop by the store tomorrow and have them look at it... and keep trying. Maybe their network is down due to the major rain we had today... though my mom's cell phone still works.. :confused1:
  8. Wow, for some reason it magically works now. Thanks for your replies, I guess the network was just down?
  9. Verizon will give you some kind of a discount on a new phone. This happend to me and I got a free upgrade since I signed a 2 year contract. So, if you pick a well priced phone, you get between $50 -$100 dollars off the price.
  10. :roflmfao: You sound just like me! Glad that your phone works again :tup:
  11. Hm, didn't know this!

    Now I wish my phone didn't start working again.. :roflmfao:
  12. I've had Verizon forever! In fact, just this week I replaced my phone that I had for about five years. I dropped it one to many times and the hinge on the flip top broke off.

    To tell you the truth, I can't think of even one time when I had troubles with my phone. Maybe it is just your new time to get a new one. There are so many styles and colors to choose from these days. It took me forever to pick one out!:smile:
  13. OMG this has happened to me so many times. I usually have insurance on them, and I am a chronic phone dropper unfortunately, but I just get a free phone from insurance. I think it's the first year you have it that the insurance is good though. But good luck, hopefully it doesn't happen again! And it could have been the network being down as well :smile:.
  14. Yep. It's the NE2 program. Used to be 100 off every 2 years (which you could actually do at 22 months into the contract). Now it's 50 or 100 depending on your monthly base service fee. Only the primary line on a family plan will get this. The other phones are just eligible for the 2 yr contract price. Verizon has also changed so that after a year on a 2 yr contract you can re-up for another 2 years at the 2 yr contract price but you forfeit the NE2 credit you would have gotten had you waited another 10 months. My NE2 is due in early Mar but I am eligible for 2 yr contract price now. I am seriously jonesing for the pink Blackberry Pearl they just came out with... I am a tech junkie to some degree and I have only waited to upgrade my phone due to phone death once. Now I do it when I can (NE2 or upgrade price) and there is a phone I must have. The phone I currently have is the LG 8700 which is a way better and very pretty brushed silver metallic version of the RAZR.