Anyone with a slightly low self esteem

  1. Sometimes if a person is staring at me or looking at me intently, I feel as though they are noticing all of my imperfections that I believe I have. I then begin to feel ugly and insecure. Does anyone else ever feel this way?:sad2:
  2. I used to, but it passed with age I think - I just started to chill out and notice everyone's got little bugs and quirks, and also, I found that the less I judge other people's odd aspects, the less I feel like they're judging mine. ;)

    Not saying you do this but just mentioning it because it helped me! :biggrin:

    It also helps that I accept myself as imperfect and think that I'm still pretty darn great! :lol:

  3. I used to be that way, but you have to realize they're probably looking to be friendly or maybe they think you're pretty.
  4. i don't have low self esteem but i do this too. i know i'm fabulous (and i also know how concieted that sounds :biggrin: ) but i also care waaaay too much about what people think of me. for instance the other day, someone called in a complaint at work on a waitress with glasses. i am the only waitress with glasses and i litterally got phyiscally sick over it. turns out, the guy called the wrong restaurant and it wasn't even about me. i tend to think of it as karma for the catty comments i make in my head about others for entertainment while i'm out and about. :\ i don't really have any suggestions on how to deal with it, but you are definately not alone. hang in there. it will pass and you will be back to feeling fabulous. :smile:
  5. That's what I used to do, then I figured everyone else was doing it back to me..... when they were probably not! ;)

    Try and ease up on it and you'll find you feel less judged, and because you will then begin to convey more confidence, people actually WILL judge you less, because people tend to take us at our own estimation. :biggrin:

  6. I was like that for a while then I stopped caring. I still get that feeling sometimes when I am wearing something I don't normally wear but I just have to get over it, that's all. It's me who keep thinking these things and not other people (well maybe sometimes they do but I guarantee you not all the times I thought they're thinking stuff about me that they're actually thinking stuff about me, KWIM?).
  7. I feel that way sometimes too. I had one of my really "good" friends in college make a few nasty comments to me, and every since then it's been insecurities abound.
  8. All the time. I try to come off as apathetic as possible, but I am pretty much insecure to the extreme. I guess all that mom saying I'm fat business really got to me ! :wacko:
  9. Chandi is does go away with age. If you can think negatively about yourself, you can think good things, too. Let the good outweigh your bad thoughts
  10. I felt that way when I was younger. I'm still young (29), but I've grown out of it (after 10 years of marriage and 2 kids). I still try to look my best, but if my best isn't good enough for someone then tough!
  11. Yep- I turn 47 in June. When I turned 40 the smallest matters really went away. I don't particularly care what anyone thinks of me these days. I am so much happier with that, too. I have my health, two awesome kids, bucks in the bank, and lots of Louis Vuitton-looking for more, too. That is what is important!!!
  12. I think everyone experiences insecurities at sometime in their lives. Which is completely normal, its just unhealthy to obsess over them. Im just not one to let other peoples issues effect who I am or how I feel about myself. And always remember, no matter who you are, or what you may have, no one is perfect :smile: Thats what makes all of us special!
  13. I totally know what you mean. I have a really low self esteem and it all started off after I tried to stand up for a class mate who was being bullied, then they turned on me and made my life hell. Everytime I think someone is looking at me I feel like there's something wrong with me, but I'm trying to overcome it now and have improve quite a lot! So don't worry and think positive thoughts!
  14. Envyme, if that is your pic in your avatar, then people are probably staring at you b/c you are HOT! I can definitely be a very neurotic and insecure person (witness my ratemyprofessor thread if you have any doubts!) I'm always thinking that someone is talking behind my back, or ignoring me, or whatever. I've been trying to get better about it, but you are definitely not alone!
  15. heyyyy girl.

    First of all, feeling insecure isn't something isolated to just you-- so don't worry about that at all:heart:

    Insecurity is a part of life, we all experience it and we all have to decide how to deal with it. What you need to do is pinpoint exactly what is making you insecure...

    ask yourself, "why do I care so much about what this stranger thinks of me?"

    I used to be like that. A funny look from someone walking by and I'd freak out and think "omg, is something wrong with my outfit? Is my hair messed up? Is he laughing at me? etc." and like, 100% of the time the look had NOTHING to do with me, I had created the judgment all by myself.

    So, in order to not worry so much about what other people think, you NEED to improve the way you feel about yourself.:heart:

    I used to be a really awkward looking little kid, and I think that affected my self-confidence when I finally grew into my face and my body. Sometimes we let past experiences damage our present ones- and I've learned to just shake off that feeling of awkwardness and insecurity-- I mean, I wasn't an unhappy kid! :smile:

    Learn to just love yourself and your body, realize that EVERYONE has imperfections, and honestly the only person who will notice you. I mean, (bad example) but Paris Hilton has a lazy looking eye-lid, a larger than average nose, and she's insanely full of herself, and there are plenty of people who find her very attractive! ( I think she's pretty!). Just learn to be comfortable with yourself, I'm ridiculously self-confident, and I'm not the most physically gorgeous person in the world, but my personality is fabbbulous.:heart:

    best of luck to you, and the other ladies with these issues. :smile: