anyone with a red lambskin...

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  1. tell me if it is easy to maintain or is the leather prone to scratches or something, never own a lambskin, want to make sure before I take the plunge.
  2. Faircherie here is my med lamb with new chain-I'd say lambskin needs to be cared for when carried on I've seen lamb bags with scratches...I try to be careful when I'm using it but I think all of us are careful with our chanels! I love lamb and I think the look of it compensates for the extra care!:yes:
    DSC00020.JPG DSC00022.JPG
  3. wow! your red chanel is no doubt beautiful, but I'm still worry about the delicacy of the leather. Your's look really good. I'm afraid I might be too paranoid if I bought one.
  4. Gorgeous! Just amazingly GORGEOUS!

    I find lambskin very delicate -- a fingernail brushing against the flap could leave a scratch! I don't baby my gently used lambskins but certainly do my brand new ones! I agree with Faircherie about the look of lambskin makes up for the special care .... but one could get paranoid ...

  5. Thank you ladies! It's true I haven't used it a lot yet maybe due to the rainy weather here but IMO it's such a versatile bag maybe because of the chain that it can be easily worn along with jeans or even light coctail dresses too as a more dressy bag-I didn't mean to use it as an everyday bag though - I think it all depends on what you want to use it for!Keep us posted on your decision!:smile: