Anyone with a real life pic of the Porte-papier zippé please!!!

  1. Hi gals does any of you have a real life pic of the Porte-papier zippé.
    I know the pics on the site but would love a real one ?!
  2. I have one, but my pics don't post. What do you need to know?
  3. I kind of hesitate between this one and the zippy organizer, I would like to know how it "holds" in the hand how thick, havy it is etc...

    thanks for helping!
  4. Nobody???
  5. catcat, why'd you open another thread. I was lost for a minute. Could you refresh my memory on the Porte Papier Zippe, is that the one with the kiss lock and two slots on one side for receipts and stuff?:shrugs:
  6. I wanted to narrow things down. The ppz is the one that has one side for papers cards etc...and on the other a zipper around the coin section. I like the fact that things are seperated.