Anyone with a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Chloe yet?

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  1. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Marcie. I don't have any Chloe bags and have never been drawn to them but really like the color combo I got with the contrast between the bag and handles. I'm a little worried the Marcie is more casual and funky than me but wanted to see it in person to decide. Has anyone got one from the Anniversary Sale?
  2. I bought the mini Marcie. I think the color name is Dessert Rose.
    Here it is, along with the shoes and perfume from the sale.
  3. Love the Dessert Rose colour, Zuhrah!!! Beautiful! And I love a bit of pink in trainers too:smile:
  4. I ordered the Marcie in the oak color along with the matching wallet. My first order was cancelled so my SA found both items in Hawaii but I won't receive them until Thursday. I am anxiously awaiting their arrival!
  5. I picked my desert rose Marcie today. It's my first Chloe. It's really pretty.
  6. What was your percentage off the Marcie? Thanks!!!
  7. do you have a modelling pic? how mini is this bag? I am looking for smaller/cross body type bags because I'm having a baby in September. I have a diaper bag, but that will mostly be for baby. Want small bags for my essentials.
  8. I received my Marcie NAS today, in Oak. Sadly, I am underwhelmed by the quality. You can see the adhesive under the leather strips on the flap! I've never seen a Marcie IRL so maybe this is OK ... But I do have an Aurore tote and believe the workmanship on that bag is much better.
  9. Oh, that makes me nervous. I own two Marcie satchels and the craftsmanship is impeccable. The leather strips are sewn on with no adhesive visible.

    My Nordstrom sale Marcie should arrive tomorrow and I will be inspecting it VERY closely!
  10. I bought my MArcie from the anniversary sale in black. I am loving it!
  11. Sale price for this version is $1268.90. It will be $1895 after the sale (though I doubt any will be left!).
  12. I got mine and while it is very pretty, I'm just not certain it is my style so likely will return. I didn't inspect quality carefully but will do so.
  13. Are you returning the bag to the Nashville store? I have been looking for the Marcie in black from the anniversary sale.
  14. I will be returning it in Nashville, but it is not black.
  15. I got the Marcie small satchel in Oak and I am having a case of buyer's remorse. Not sure if I am not crazy about the "nubuck" material. I definitely like the color better than the "greige" featured in the catalog. This was a tough item to get--ended up lucking out by calling the store--Garden State Plaza in Paramus, NJ--and it was there because the previous customer did not like the color. This is my 1st Chloe...