Anyone with a Noe, bored?

  1. and willing to take pics for me =] haha can someone take pics for me and my cousin wearing the Noe, messenger (crossbody blahh blahh) style? Any Noe will do of course, and do this only if you have time!!!! :flowers:
  2. Oh, and where do you guys think is the perfect place to heat stamp the Noe?
  3. A good place to heat stamp it would be on one of the narrow leather strips that run up along the sides of the Noe.
  4. Veronika posted a pic with her mandarin noe worn like that in the Sooo sad thread, let me see if I can find it
  5. She looks so great with it!
    veronika1.jpg veronika2.jpg
  6. Thanks everyone, and also does anyone know how long the actual drop for the messenger style can be??
  7. I have the same bag. I am 5' 5", and there is no way that I am getting the strap over my head and under my arm at the same time. The strap is adjustable, but it is simply not long enough that I would be able to wear it comfortably. The strap is removable, so you could conceivably replace it with something much longer.
  8. I can't wear any of my Noes messenger style either!:nuts:
  9. ^^^ Me too!
  10. I want a noe:nuts: I've been stalking them on Ebay. I don't know why I never paid any mind to this bag before as I LOVE drawstring bags.
  11. I love my noe, but cant wear it that way :sad:
  12. Whaaaaaaaaat?! Only some people can wear it that way ?!?!?!