Anyone with a Mirage Bandeau on their Mirage Speedy?

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  1. I'm debating whether to get a Mirage bandeau to put on my Bordeaux Mirage speedy, but do you think it will be too matchy-matchy? Or will it *gasp* block too much of the bag and detract from its beauty?

    Has anyone bought the bandeau to put on their Mirage? Any pics? :smile:
  2. someone posted on in the bandeau/scarf shawl club, the bandeau looks TDF! I am saving some money for that and the denim bandeau.
  3. The bandeau is TDF, but I wouldn't hang it on my Mirage speedy. It'll be too much, IMO.
  4. ^^^ Agree with wantmore

    I carry my Mirage Speedy unadorned b/c she is simply stunning without any extras
  5. i dont like any bandeaus on my speedy...i like they way it looks in pics...but i dont find it practical for they way i carry my speedy..i feel like it overwhelms it.
    i just got the champs eylsse (sp) bandeau in ROSE and I AM IN LVOE! (i have found a new (and cheaper) accessory obsession!
  6. I really want on of those! My boutique doesn't have one :sad:
  7. Does anyone have a picture of a regular monogram speedy with the mirage bandeau? I am thinking of ordering one but just wanted to see what it'd look like first. Thanks in advance :smile:
  8. My sentiments exact
  9. i have a mirage bandeau on my speedy. i don't think it detracts from it at all! it definitely ADDS to it...that, and i can use the mirage bandeau on tons of other bags but I keep it on my speedy :smile: I like to match and stand out, and the mirage bandeau makes the mirage speedy stand out EVEN MORE (yeah, you didnt think it was possible didnt ya?!)
  10. [​IMG]
  11. I adore the way it looks on the Bordeaux Speedy. I got the bandeau even though I got the Noir Speedy.
  12. Bee-licious -- do you have a mono speedy by any chance? Do you have a picture of the mirage bandeau on a mono speedy or on another mono bag?

    TIA if you have it or not :smile:
  13. It detracts from it's beauty and chicness....JMO!
  14. :girlsigh: Cyndee...every single time i see this pic, it makes me want to max out my credit card just for this bag...i want one so bad!!!:hysteric: DANG IT! i need to make more $$$!!! :crybaby:
  15. I think it looks lovely with one and with out. Maybe for everyday use it without,then for a speacial night out with one.