Anyone with a mini-papillon?

  1. What do you put in it? I can fit my keys, cell, chapstick, and a pen...but I can't keep a wallet in there (I hate loose money, so I'm a little disappointed that my mini-wallet won't fit in it)! I wonder if I get a cles if it will solve the problem...? I don't think I can stuff my cards in there, either. It looks like a nice pencil case, though....
  2. What is a mini papillon, I know there is a pap 26 and 30 but there's one smaller than that?
  3. yes there is a papillon 19 :smile: its sooo cute. but i find it too small.
  4. Yeah that papillion is soo small! :Push: I don't know how people keep money in it...
  5. i have one...and i use my cles =)
  6. i have one and yes it is small, but my wallet, cell,make up and keys fit in!
  7. I give you props. I have tried everything to put my wallet in but it doesn't seem to work, and I'm paranoid that I'll scratch the interior leather. :sad:

    rensky - Now I really want a cles...:graucho:
  8. papillon 19????? do u ladies mean the baby papillon that comes with the 30?????

    or does LV do a papillon 19 on its own???? i went online and there is nothing apart from 26 and 30.
  9. I actually meant the baby papillon with the pap 30. :yes: Sorry if that was confusing! Pap 19 is cute, but I don't think it'd be practical for me. I already have a couple small bags that do the job.
  10. there isa pap 19,

    but the pap 30 comes with a little pap.
  11. aaah you meant the baby pap who comes with the pap 30. i thought you meant the pap 19 which i have :lol:
  12. ^it's okay, I should've been more specific...almost forgot there were 3 papillons! The mini-pap is really cute, but I can't use it as a tiny wristlet since I can't fit my skinny wallet in it...I'll have to try and see if I can put cards in that thing, otherwise I'll just use it to keep my lipstick and pens/pencils.
  13. u need one!! i have the damier one and i think if u're a monogram person, u should get a monogram one that can match beautifully with the 19!:P

  14. OMG so vuitton does a pap 19 on its own???? is that right????

    i have the pap 30 and absolutely love the baby pap, whenever i go out i always use that and get tons of compliment. if vuitton does a pap 19 i want to get another one ummm...hopefully in epi?? but i cant find it on vuitton website.
  15. Louis Vuitton has a mini monogram papillon too. I had one in red but sold it a long time ago. Kind of miss her now....