Anyone with a "Mac" computer? I am dumb lol

  1. so I am sitll slow on this thing, got it last august lol

    how do you do a "PRINT SCREEN" like on a windows computer... on windows it has a PRINT SCREEN button which literally copies the entire page or w/e your looking @ and you cant paste it in PAINT or something...

    also is there a program like paint on a mac?

    PM me if you know these answers... I always forget to check things outside of designer threads lol
  2. I had someone message me, I figured it out, thanks though ;)
  3. K I totally forgot how

    can anyone help me!?!?!
  4. from tech support on

    1) To capture the whole screen: COMMAND, SHIFT, 3

    2) To capture a window, dock, menu bar, etc: COMMAND, SHIFT, 4, then press spacebar to choose.

    3) To capture a selection: Same as 2 but don't press spacebar, instead click and drag mouse.

    4) Go to Macintosh HD, Applications, Utilities, and click on Grab.

    BTW: when you get a screen shot, it saves to the desktop as a PDF file and not to the clipboard.
  5. On a Mac, it's called a screen shot, not a print screen.

    Just like Chrystal said above, just press command (the apple key) + shift + 3.

    Also, if you want to only crop a certain image on your screen, you can click command + shift + 4, and then a crossbar will show up and you take it as you would a crop tool and voila—it takes a pic of the cropped spot on your screen.

    Works better than a screen shot.

    Also, it automatically saves it as a jpg, not a pdf on your desktop.
  6. Screen shot! What they said above :yes:
  7. i need to use this today...thxs for oposting
  8. I use iPhoto to tweak things - it doesn't do all the things that Paint does but comes close enough. If you use PhotoBucket you can upload your picture there and then add text and other things that are missing in the iPhoto app.
  9. Thank you!! All this time (4+ years) I've been command + shift + 3'ing then cropping the image in Preview. Pretty straight forward but this is much easier!
  10. I hate when people saiy shift and it doesn't read anywhere :nogood: so it's the smaller arrow button!
  11. I always use the screen shot utility if I need to make a screen shot.
  12. can you resize photos in iphoto,i'm not having much luck,when it says custom ,i put in 100x800,but photo stays the same,so i cant post in threads from my own photo's.sorry if wasnt suppose to ask that here,but mac users!,at last:yahoo:
  13. My friend has a MAC and I love it, it's just a screen as opposed to a pc and a flat screen.

    I am reluctant to get a MAC since the world is so "PC" and when I had an IMAC several years ago I could never open half of the emails my friends sent me. Has the compatibility issue gotten better?
  14. I never knew how to do it that way. I always went to the Utilities folder and used the Grab application.
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    ???? :confused1:

    On a Mac keyboard, the shift key says shift. No arrow—shift. The arrow buttons are different.

    Unless I misread your post?