anyone with a Lanvin Kentucky tote?

  1. no one on the forum owns a Lanvin Kentucky tote?

  2. nope I don't own one but it is a really lovely bag...
  3. I think so, just wondering if they are heavy, awkward to get in and out of etc....
  4. That is a totally lovely color.

    Mine is pretty light, but I have a khaki canvas version... so it would be lighter than leather.

    It's very easy to get stuff in and out of... and is great over the shoulder just as it is on the arm.
  5. Here's a crappy photo from my blackberry.
  6. I have the Kansas, but I simply adore it. I own 3 Lanvin bags (also a Hero and an Oulala) because they are absolutely the best possible quality. They are all handmade in France, which is rather rare these days, and the craftsmanship shows. The leather is gorgeous but light and strong, and the bags are sturdy and beautifully made to last forever. That red you chose on the Kentucky is lovely, hope you go for it!

  7. Hi how does the Kentucky tote open at the top? Is it a zipper or a magnetic type closure?
  8. thanks for the info.....yes, very good question. how does it close...we don't have a Barney's yet in Arizona so that I can go see one....thank you ladies!
  9. It's simply open. No magnet or zipper. Like a tote should be.

    Here, I've taken a photo of mine open for you:

  10. thanks for the reply here as well - and for the pic. By the way, does anyone around you notice the bag? OR know what Lanvin is? I only recently discovered the beauty of these bags. I love the construction and look. Even if it wasn't a "Lanvin" it is a nice purse, but I guess only a true lover would notice and appreciate it.
  11. People's reactions are interesting! I wore my Hero to get a sandwich at the deli near my work yesterday, and the guy behind the counter squealed and asked in a reverent tone if that truly was a Lanvin bag I had? And last weekend I was cornered by some women at my city's weekend outdoor market who asked if they could see my Kansas up close and where they could buy Lanvin in this city (happily we have a Barneys). I do think only bag freaks recognize Lanvin, because they aren't logo'd all over, faked or comped out to TV stars. But that, and the design and quality, is the reason I like them :smile:
  12. Very interesting...If you don't mind me asking where on the West Coast do you live? I live in the Pacific NW and I don't see too many Lanvins around,but it could just be where I am hanging out. It is cool though that true connoseiurs (sp?) appreciate the bag.
  13. thanks for posting your pic! that is very helpful! I just love this tote and that geranium color. Living in arizona where it';s sunnry year round, we wear alot of color here....and the style is so classic....I want that bag!!!:nuts:
  14. I have never received a comment on my bag. Honestly, I would prefer not to... which is one of the joys I have with this particular bag.