Anyone With A Jimmy Choo Anaconda Bag Help Please

  1. I just received my Metallic Anaconda Hobo bag today and am quite impressed. I love the colors but was wondering some of the scales (I guess that is what they are) are flipping up. So what I wanted to know is, is this normal for this kind of bag and do you have to be really careful with the bag is it a fragile bag? How is yours holding up? Thanks for all your help.
  2. I don't have an anaconda bag, but I do have python and watersnake. And yes, the scales can peel. Eventhough you'd think snake would be tough, since they crawl on the ground, or live in the water, it is somewhat delicate. If a scale ever falls off one of my bags, I'm just going to crazy glue it back on, lol!

    Hopefully, Polaremil will post as she is the resident reptile expert.
  3. Okay, so I have not treated my reptile bags at all, and for some of them it would have been too late anyway since they were bought second hand and the skin was already discoloured. But since I now have two gorgeous new snakeskin bags, I'm thinking maybe it's time to give treatment a go. I did some googling and here are two products that I found:

    The thing is, I don't know wheather the skin used for JC bags has gotten some kind of protective treatment at the factory that would make the use of other treatments unneccesary or even harmfull. I'll mail JC customer service next week and see what they say and then I'll be back posting.

    By the way, we need a sneaky snake smilie.
  4. Good to know ladies, as I now have the bag that will be carried 24/7 and I want to be sure to protect the scales and keep the luster on my :sneaky:
    Sneaky Snake bags :sneaky:
  5. Oops, had forgotten about that smilie, it's perfect:sneaky:
  6. I have a Chloe python that is about 3 or 4 years old and the scales have turned up a bit, but none have come off. It still looks great! I would worry more about the metallic dye rubbing off as I have 2 metallic Choo bags and both have this problem. One is fairly new and still looks OK, but you can definately see it...
  7. Heads up!

    Anyone who wants this Anaconda bag, I just returned one to the Saks in Beachwood, OH. The telephone number there is 216-292-5500. Ask for handbags, I "think" the lady who helped me is Jackie but I'm not sure...

    Good luck! Post if you got it!
  8. Thanks for all your help. I decided the bag was just not for me and returned it to Saks online. It was a beautiful bag someone should get it.