Workplace Anyone with a home based business? Perks? Write-offs?


Shoe and Bag Addict
Oct 12, 2008
Charlotte, NC
Just wanted to see if anyone else out there has a home based business?

I am mediator so my office is my home as I mist go to other attorney offices to conduct the mediations. Besides prep and paperwork, the hours of work is spent outside of my home. I still take on contract work as a lawyer when something comes along that interests me or a friend in the community needs some assistance.

I just started as a beachbody coach in addition. A lawyer friend of mine with whom I worked with at a large firm (i.e. - the rate race) started a great team years ago and presented me with an opportunity that I could not refuse. I was just interested in the product discount as I do believe that Shakeology is the best product out there - I have been opposed to artificial sweeteners since I did a paper in college on Nutrasweet 22 years ago. And I have always been the crazy friend (especially when you are 18 years old) saying that diet soda is evil. This just kind of fits my personality as Shakeology uses stevia and no soy products. Also, my husband is a chiropractor and I had let myself go when I was working crazy hours. I was so ashamed to be married to someone who has a mission of helping people and their health and wellness while I was eating poorly and not working out. Now I get to help people, eat better and train for half marathons - can;t wait for my girl's weekend in 2 weeks at the beach to run a half!

So I am just now navigating the home-based business/MLM waters and it is a crazy world. My friend is super successful (as in no way she would make the $ she made at our old firm) and I would certainly love that to happen for me. But I also don't like to drive her crazy with my silly questions or gripes.

If anyone is in the same boat, maybe we could be a supportive little group :smile:


Sep 22, 2009
Hi clu13! I have a laptop lifestyle which allows me to do my work practically anywhere in the world. I believe this type of work/business is not for everyone -- I know people who became rich working from home and I also know some who didn't succeed.


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Mar 29, 2010
Pittsburgh Pa.
I have a network marketing business as well and for me it's been amazing. I do not do shakeology but the company I work with has all natural, plant based products from strictly organic farms, and have never had a recall on any vitamin or supplement since they launched in 1939.

The biggest thing I've realized with network marketing, is it takes more work then most people think and less time then most people think.

Good luck!