Anyone with a heavy lock problem?

  1. Hi
    I love the look of Paddy :love: ....But why does the lock has to be so heavy? :sad: ...I have taken the lock off :shame: Am I weird? :weird: Please dont hate mig !!! :nuts: ....What do you do??
    paddy 1.JPG paddy 3.JPG paddy 4.JPG paddy 5.JPG paddy 6.JPG
  2. I have got used to it to be quite honest...
  3. Ok... maybee I should try it for a longer time .... Thanks! :smile:
  4. Btw I think the lock is a little too big to the baby paddy :smile:
  5. Hey I like that leash through the loop idea! It usually looks so naked w/out the lock, but that's a great idea!!
  6. You like the leash idea better than the key? :smile:
  7. Im actually just use to my lock.
  8. Oh I like the pics with the leash and key dangling thru the loop. I can't tell what that other object on the leash in the first pic is....
  9. Thanks! :smile:) That object is a Hermés lock :smile:
  10. Lol! I love it! So ingenius, esp with the little Hermes lock. Too cute!
  11. :lol: :lol: Obviously I've never come close to seeing one IRL! :biggrin:
  12. It looks really cute on the baby Paddy! :biggrin:
  13. how cool if chloe came out with a hollow lock version, and let existing paddy owners exchange their locks for the hollow one, for a fee? i would so pay that...
  14. Ohhh... yes!! two hollow locks for me please :lol: :lol: Well, I had choco paddy with me at work today...with the heavy lock on!! :amazed::biggrin:...the medium paddy look beautiful with the lock on....I know!! :lol:...I must "learn" to use it :smile:
  15. My lock wasnt heavy, but it was chipped when I first got it. I took it back and they replaced it, and it happened again. They were nice about exchanging it for me. I've had this one now for 3 months and its FINE.